Flannel panel convened; winner announced

Contest winnerHope you all enjoyed The Flannel Files first ever flannel giveaway contest.

We had a lot of great entries, but one really stuck out like, well, a butch in a sundress.

You know you are butch when you know the Scottish clan name of all of your flannel shirts (and you are not Scottish).  Right now I am wearing Black Watch.

That came from Jamie Ray over at A Boy and Her Dog.  Not only is Jamie a flannel expert, but she has a really great blog, too.  Check out Jamie’s adventures as she transverses the border between butch and trans.

So, Jamie will be getting a special flannel delivery.  I’m feeling a little intimidated about selecting flannel for someone so knowledgeable.

Congrats to Jamie!  And a big thanks to everyone who participated.


2 responses to “Flannel panel convened; winner announced

  1. I am honored, and not too picky about my flannel so long as it is neither pastel nor neon. In some things I am a staunch traditionalist.

  2. agreed that is a good one

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