Cat in the keyboard

This what I do when I don’t feel like working.

I extract my cat’s hair from inside the dark recesses of my computer keyboard.

See, she likes to sleep on my shoulder when I am hard at work at my desk.  Her hair is on the longish side, and strands of it fall onto the keyboard.  I brush them aside, but they still manage to find their way in between the keys.


This is my cat Magic sound asleep on my very messy desk.

Last weekend, I vacuumed the keyboard in an attempt to remove snack cake crumbs, bits of potato chips and any stray cat hairs.  This just made things worse.  Little tufts of hair peeked out from between the keys.  My vacuum apparently didn’t have enough suction to remove half a cat from a keyboard.

I refuse to buy cans of compressed air any longer.  It is just air.  In a can.  For $7.99.  I just took three deep breaths and made $1.59.


Actual picture of hair removed from keyboard.  No cats were harmed in the filming of this hair.

I ended up using a straightened-out paperclip to pull out the hair, running the metal tool under the keys —  QWERTYUIOP — and pulling up.  I called my son over to help.  It became a family project.

We piled the hair into a neat little pile.

“Wait, I want to take a picture of it for my blog,” I said.

He just rolled his eyes.

Here’s something else that I do when I don’t feel like working.

I write about extracting my cat’s hair from inside my computer keyboard.

What about you?  What do you do to put off work? 

17 responses to “Cat in the keyboard

  1. I post things privately for Her and wait for Her to respond. Or, I am here, reading others’ blog posts. :o)

  2. Love your blog, by the way…

  3. I read your blog, among others. I also search pintrest like no other…. Its a horrible addiction…. And reading. I’m a huge reader! But I can’t read my amazing nook at work I read blogs (:

    And your cat is so cute!!! She looks very cuddly (:

  4. I have that same cat! Black & White and likes to sleep on the keyboard. He’s my Buddy though! lol Why oh why do cats like keyboards? I’m going to have to consider cat hair mixed in the keys now, thanks I hadn’t thought of that. I don’t do anything to put off working because Buddy has his own schedule and insists I adher to it! It matters not in the least to him that I have things to do! 🙂

    • Sounds like Buddy is a taskmaster. Magic is way more laid back. She doesn’t really care if I get my work done or not. She’s a bad influence.

      I just started pulling up an empty chair to my desk and covering it with a microfiber blanket so that she can sleep beside me when I type instead of on top of me. I tell her that she is at work just like me.

      • lmao!!! I do the blanket thing too! I have a dog who likes to burrow under blankets, when we brought Buddy (and his brother Bother) home from the shelter Buddy saw the dog go under the blanket and thought, hey that’s how its done! lol…I put a blanket next to me and Milo the dog cuddles with Buddy the cat. They’re slightly dysfunctional I think. Or they have a confused image complex.

      • Buddy and Bother, gotta love those names. W and I laugh about putting a soft blanket on a cushioned chair. I mean, she is a cat after all. Nothing but the best for her.

      • You got that right! Nothing but the best for the critters in the house…uh…the 4 legged kind not the 2 legged

  5. One of the things I do to put off work is read your blog!!! LOL. It’s a great afternoon pick-me-up!

  6. Great post and super cute cat! I do anything and everything to put off work i.e. go for a ride, run or walk, clean, do some gardening, go visit or ring someone, read, listen to music, blog, surf the net, have a cup of tea. I’m an expert procrastinator but it’s so enjoyable!!! hehe

  7. Cutie pie Magic. I’ve never vacuumed or blown air on my keyboard. I think there is probably a whole cat in there by now LOL.

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