Middle-age Butch looks like a celebrity

I’ve been getting sir’d a lot these days.

At Best Buy.  At the pharmacy.  

Pretty much everywhere.

I had been on a ma’am streak for awhile.

What changed?  I haven’t lost or gained weight.  I’ve been wearing the same clothes that I always wear.

I hadn’t been able to figure it out.

Until I was looking in the mirror.  And noticed that my hair is at that in between stage.  Not short and spiky like with a fresh cut.  Not so long that it needs cut.

Here’s what I decided.  I look like this guy: 

Yep, I’ve got Barney Rubble hair.  I guess there are worse looks.  So, I’ll rock what I’ve got.  At least until it’s time for a haircut.

7 responses to “Middle-age Butch looks like a celebrity

  1. Hey, Barney, You know I’d give anything to be sir’d over and over! I’ll be at the barber when they open at 9:00a.m.!

  2. Personally, I am going for the Fred Flintstone look. Maybe because of his tie(s) – does he even have more than one, I wonder? 🙂 Take care, MAB>

  3. Um, that > was supposed to be a full stop. Damn WordPress that does not allow you to edit your own comments…. *grumbling*

  4. I loved the Flintstones as a kid! Love your post! 😄

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