What’s new?

So, W got me these these for Valentine’s Day yesterday.


That’s my cat Magic on a pair of slippers. Isn’t she something?

Here’s Magic after she won the Women’s Smackdown championship.


In other news, I wrote a piece of flash fiction for the From LGBTQ+ With Love: The Fight Back Flash Competition sponsored by Writers’ HQ. My piece, “Girls,” made the shortlist. You can check it out here, along with the other submissions.

I also did an interview over at The Debutante Ball. Read to the end and find out how you can win a copy of my new book. Hurry, time’s running out.

One last thing. I’m obsessed with this promo from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie that combines two of my favorite things–Wonder Woman and the 80s. 1984 can’t get here fast enough, if you ask me.


That’s what’s new with me.

I’ve missed you.

What’s new with you? Please share one new thing in the comments section, below.



8 responses to “What’s new?

  1. Hey your story is gorgeous, thank you! So sweet yet sharp. And now I get to read all the others as well: my afternoon just got brighter 🙂

    What’s new? Here in Oz we are all feeling too hot, and friends are fighting bushfires; we need rain, but not too much (flooding elsewhere). Reading remains such an escape… G 🙂

  2. Great story!

    It’s not precisely new, but I’m close to finishing the first draft of my first book-length story. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the month, so I can say I completed writing a novel before my 50th birthday.

  3. Great story, great imagery! 😀 … something new, eh? … I published my new book, “Prelude – The Gaining of Shamanic Wisdom’. It’s out now as an ebook and I’m waiting on Amazon for the print version to go ‘live’ … should happen in the next couple of hours, if not days! 😀

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