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No apologies

img_0962Tired of feeling unworthy

I ate an entire carton of blackberries

$3.99 a pop

In the middle of today

With no apologies

To you

Or anyone

Not even the President


I didn’t care that the fruit stained my fingertips purple

Marking me like a thief

As I plucked each piece from the plastic box and

Plopped it in my mouth

* * *

What are you unapologetic for today? 

Just a sexy lesbian love poem

All that talk of poems in my last post made me think of the only real lesbian-themed poem that I know.

I thought it was super sexy upon first read and clipped it out and stored it in my quote journal for future reference.

This was back when I self-identified as a lesbian but not necessarily a butch.  It’s the butch imagery — the Windsor knotted tie and suspenders clipped to wool trousers — contrasted with the femme imagery — black dress and heels — that gets me every time.  Guess that’s why I’m a butch.

Let me know what you think.

Madchen in Uniform

I am smitten, thinking of the suit you wore

to our college dance, a dance you did not

invite me to and so I showed

with a bright blonde in a black dress

and we made sure to dance her heels to dust

in front of you

and your sulky grrrlfriend.


Muted, scarlet as a mouth, your suspenders

snuck out from wool trousers, my winter boy

in alarming white sleeves–

sound the all-clear.

This is my breath: every cigarette we shared


whispered our wide-open secret

no longer safe

in a blazer’s breast pocket.


After, in the middle of the night,

in the too-fragrant room of another, all I could taste

was your yellow stripe of tie,

the handsome Windsor knot neat

and next to the throat I will never, it seems,

lay my mouth on.

— Heather McNaugher
* Madchen in Uniform is also the title of a 1931 film about an all-girls boarding school in pre-Nazi Germany.  It is believed to be the first lesbian-themed movie.