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I have seen the light, and it is orange


Four lesbian characters in a row.

As in Orange Is the New Black.

About five minutes into the first episode, I raised my arms in triumph and exclaimed that “the lesbians have their TV back.”

The L Word premiered in 2004 — 10 years ago. Ah, Shane, how I miss you. Since then, there has been a spike in the number of lesbian characters on TV. But there hasn’t been anything to rival the dyke drama that was The L Word.

If you haven’t seen it, OITNB is smart and funny and tender and touches on such hot-buttonĀ topics as racism, religion, morality, sexuality and gender.


You want me, Alex?

Plus, Laura Prepon is totally hot with those glasses and that dark hair.

And, hey, isn’t that Natasha Lyonne from But I’m a Cheerleader?

In the spirit of the show, W and I have taken to calling each other by our last names. And when I’m feeling particularly amorous, I call her “Dandelion.”

I’m sure there are those out there displeased that the only show with a major lesbian presence takes place in a federal prison.

“Lesbians are very dangerous,” as Counselor Healy says.

But this lesbian is just happy to have lesbian characters back on the small screen.

Have you seen OITNB? What are you watching these days?