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Middleage Butch screams like a little girl

images[2]The 20th Annual HRC Greater Philadelphia Gala is being held on Saturday.

A friend is a table captain and invited W and I to sit with her.

We aren’t familiar with this event, so W googled it while we were laying in bed last weekend.

W: It’s at the Marriott. Tickets are $200 each.

Me: I don’t know. That’s a lot of money.

W: It is, but it’s in the budget. We can afford it.

Me: I’d go if Ellen Page was going to be there. Or maybe Jodie Foster.

W (still reading): It’s black tie optional.

images[8]Me: Or Shane. I’d go if Shane was going to be there.

W: You need to be there. You wrote a book.

Me: Book. Schmook.

W: Chad Griffin is going to be there.

Me: That’s not doing anything for me.

W: Kate Moennig is going to be there!

Me: eeeeeeeeeee!

Me: Do you think I can touch Shane?

W: No. I don’t think that would be appropriate. You can shake her hand though.

Me: Do you think I can rub Shane, like for good luck?

W: No. Absolutely not. That’s creepy.

* * *

We declined my friend’s invitation. “I’ll kiss Shane for you,” she said. “I don’t want to kiss Shane. I want to be Shane,” I replied. W and I say we will go next year when we are power lesbians.

* * *

Who would you pay $200 to see at an event? Who makes you scream like a schoolgirl?