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T-shirt drama

W and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary tomorrow.  You can read about our wedding here.

I will have a table at OutFest in Philly promoting my book.

I was going to surprise her and wear this T-shirt tomorrow.

I Love My Wife T-shirt

Best laid plans of mice and butches.  The T-shirt place never shipped it.  They are sending out a replacement tee, but I won’t have it for tomorrow.

What’s a butch to do when she doesn’t have a special T-shirt for a special occasion?  So, I made this T-shirt today.

Old School Butch T-shirt

I am crafty like that.  Not crazy about the red-gray combination, but I will keep the stencils and make a new shirt sometime.  I’m thinking white on black would look good.  Because every old school butch should have an Old School Butch tee.


This old house and this old lesbian (Part II)

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been busy with a slew of home projects.  My goal was to get the entire downstairs finished by Thanksgiving.

We are hosting a large turkey dinner, so we thought it would be nice to actually clean the place up a bit.  We’re hospitable like that.

Truth be told, the house had fallen into disarray thanks in large measure to our three teenage boys and three rebel cats.  And other annoying things like jobs and dentist appointments.

Anyway, last time I posted about home improvements, there was a great cry for pictures.  See here.


As I had mentioned, all of the rooms in our house were painted mustard yellow when we moved in.  You can read about it here.  They looked like this:

W said the color isn’t actually mustard yellow.  Well, it is under the principles of creative license, I replied.  This is a pic for the insurance company showing water damage  from Hurricane Sandy.


Here’s the downstairs bathroom painted a shade of green called “recycled glass.”

Another angle showing a framed print of Warren Kimble’s Cat in Hot Tin Tub.  Our tuxedo cat Magic loves to go in our bathtub after someone takes a shower, so this print reminds us of her.

There was a lot of hubbub over the color of paint for this next room.  You can read about it here.  I had painted over the yellow with a blue that turned out to be a shade of Smurf.  After another coat of paint, the room looks like this:

W made the curtains for the floor-to-ceiling windows.  I absolutely love everything about them.  I framed two pictures that the kids made when they were younger.

Here’s a closer look:

I am thrilled with how the room came out.

There is still work to be done.  For example, the wooden floor in the blue room is going to be painted an antique white.

But for right now this homeowner is content with the improvements.  And, very, very tired.

Here’s one last picture of Magic sitting on top of the bearded dragon’s cage.  I used to call her “french fry” because she likes to sit under the heat lamps.