Words of wisdom

The Petco clerk tells me she’s like a cockroach.

“I’ve see everything, honey. This ain’t gonna kill me.”

Justin Bieber

Who wore it better? Bieber or the lesbians?

She wears a pair of one-size-too-big jeans cinched at the waist by a thick brown leather belt. Her hair is styled like Justin Bieber’s circa 2012. Her laugh is loud like shattered glass.

“And if it does, I’ve got news for you. We’re all gonna go sometime.”

For some reason, her bravado makes me feel better.

Mr. Rogers said in times of crisis to look for the helpers.

I say look for the helpers.

Also, look for the butches.

I walk to my car with necessary supplies: cat food, litter and some words about not being afraid.

* * *

What words of wisdom are getting you through these tough times?  Please share.


4 responses to “Words of wisdom

  1. Lisa Tomarelli

    As someone in the trenches of the grocery store, I’m learning it’s not a battlefield but a place of love and peace, as long as I clean my lenses.

    Daily habits help, like meditation and prayer, eating healthy food and exercising and rest. Creative outlets to replace the TV time is crucial. And friends.

    • Thank you for your words of wisdom and for serving at this time of crisis. Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself, friend. Stay safe. Let’s have coffee when it’s safe to do so.

  2. Surround yourself with people who feed your soul. Jason Silva said that and I really like it. And I’ll watch for the helper butches. 🙂

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