Love birds

downloadOn my way home from my writers group, I saw two black crows by the side of the road. Giant crows with blue-black feathers and full, rounded breasts.

As they walked around inspecting the ground, each held a mouthful of dried straw, wild and tangled like a pile of fried noodles. No doubt, they were building a nest.

I smiled thinking about how nice it is to have a partner in life. Someone to share a cold gray March day. Someone to help build a cozy nest.

Today’s feelings: happy, grateful

* * *

What makes you happy these days? What are you grateful for? 

4 responses to “Love birds

  1. Crows are a symbol of magic and creation. I’ve seen an unusual number of crows around this year (or maybe I’m just noticing them more). Creativity is calling.

    • I’m feeling my creativity returning slowly … like a fog lifting. And just when I thought I’d never write another word again,

      I have a feeling the entire area is going to get more creative starting mid-April or so.

  2. I am happy that I woke up on the green side of the grass this morning… 🙂

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