Manuscript update and special request

Hey there Flannel Filers!

I’ve been so busy working on my new manuscript that I fear I’ve neglected you.

How are you? Don’t be like that. You know I love you.

Anyway, more about me.

My new book is called “My Mother Says Drums Are for Boys.” It’s a collection of stories and other musings about gender, coming out and, of course, living as a butch.


Thumbs up to you, too, Amy!

I write about Joan Jett, Janet Jackson and which is the better Indigo Girl to name drop on a first date. Amy Ray. The answer is Amy Ray.

In my book, I’d like to include a list of things people have been told are only for boys (or girls). The color pink, unicorns, G.I. Joe action figures …

Like the title of my book says, my mother told me drums are for boys, and I  still feel the sting of that 40 years later.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And thanks for your help!

* * *

What were you told was only for boys or girls?




14 responses to “Manuscript update and special request

  1. My father was the one who told me drums were for boys. I understand the sting. Can’t wait to read the new book! Spending time with my girl this weekend. Thanks for the update.

  2. Sounds fantastic! Love the IG! I won’t admit how many times I have seen them in concert!

  3. My first musical instrument was a drum. I was three years old.

    I didn’t get a lot of “girls can’t” – I’m fortunate that way. My grandmother played baseball during WWII and was a founding mother of Title 9. My mom was very much a tomboy and did not put gender constraints on me.

    My brother was more censured, I think. Because boys weren’t supposed to like Barbies. That never made sense to me. I couldn’t stand Barbies but I had them (because, Christmas – paternal transparent were very Pink/Blue in their thinking), so my brother would play with them while I played Dukes of Hazard with his matchbox cars.

    • Love that. I had Barbies, too, because girl. Mostly I remember tossing them down the basement stairs and using my brother’s Big Josh action figure with the shredded abs and his safari Jeep with the winch on front to rescue her.

      Dukes of Hazard? Sounds like a fine use of Matchbox cars. Yee-ha!

    • *paternal grandparents

      Autocorrect is a strange beast.

  4. My mother said, “Boys are for girls and girls are for boys.” Then she promptly gave me a Ken doll to go with the two Barbies I already had. Even at four years old, I knew I and my Barbies had no use for Ken. I took Ken out into the yard and deposited him into the big alley trash can.

  5. Mororcycles, (and leathers to go with motorcycle riding) buying a bass to play in an all-woman band (seriously!), wristwatches with big, easy-to-read faces, shirts (as opposed to ‘blouses’) and t-shirts, hankies big enough to blow your nose on more than once and with NO lacy corners, (I means what in the world are the corners of crocheted lace all about!) lace-up camouflage boots, pants with the zippers at the front not the side, (again WTF?)
    Hmm … most of that list is about clothes … not surprising really.

    Massive amounts of good-lucks with the new book. 😀

  6. Everything I was interested in as a kid, at one time or another, was “for boys”: climbing trees, playing in the dirt, Tonka trucks, forts, camping, skiing, skateboarding, computers, football, baseball, hockey, Lincoln Logs, marbles, and LEGO. I ended up having or doing all of them, except LEGO. That’s the one that stings for me. I wanted them soooooooooo bad, but nope. Or course I can buy them for myself now, and I have, but I missed the chance to drag my huge bucket of bricks to a friend’s house and build epic things out of our geeky adolescent minds.

  7. Oh, man!

    I’m an engineer. My wife is a mathematician. You could not possibly pick two occupations that are more “for boys”!

    Neither of us had a moment’s thought about going into an almost exclusively male profession. Nobody ever told us that math and engineering are just for boys, until it was too late to stop us. My dad raised me on Brio trains, building blocks and Erector sets.

    We’re both feminine. We both wear skirts and dresses. We want people to know that a girl is in charge. I just love to smack some patronizing guy with a quick demonstration that I’m a better engineer than he is.

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