A condiment conundrum

imagesW and I have been fighting. Over condiments.

I spell the red stuff you dip your fries into this way:


and write it like that on the grocery list posted on the fridge.

“Who spells catsup that way?” W asks.

She says it with distaste. Like she has swallowed a pint of sour milk.

“What do you know?” I reply. ” You don’t even like catsup.”

“It’s just weird,” she says.

“I’ll tell you what’s weird,” I say. “Someone who dips their fries in mayo. You can’t trust someone who doesn’t believe in fries and catsup.”

“I think you can’t trust someone who spells ketchup c-at-s-u-p,” she says.

* * *

So, what is it folks? Catsup or ketchup? What do you dip your french fried potatoes in? Ā 



37 responses to “A condiment conundrum

  1. Oh I’m so not going to get involved in this! But please read my post today about WordPress supporting gay folk here in Australia, they’re awesome!

  2. Ha! šŸ˜›

    No matter how you spell it, I don’t want it. Can’t stand the stuff.

    Fries, I eat either plain salted or dip them in any variety of non-red stuff. Cheese is always a marvelous choice, of course. Mayo occasionally, mustard or vinegar for something tangy. I’ve also been known to dip them in sweet ‘n sour sauce (the kind they give you for nuggets) at McDonald’s and in my frosty at Wendy’s on the rare occasions I am stuck fast-food’ing it.

    • I do like fries dipped in McD’s hot mustard sauce, which they discontinued then brought back. And I like Red Robin’s Campfire Sauce. Nothing wrong with a fry dipped in A Frosty. Weirdly delicious.

  3. I’m with W. Ketchup. And there is only one – Heinz.

  4. I’m with Mrs Fever. Ketchup, but yeah, eww. I eat fries either without sauce or with ranch dressing. Yum yum.

    • No to catsup/ketchup? What on earth do you put on your meatloaf sandwich?

      • Hmm…I’ve never heard of a sandwich made of meatloaf, before. Meatloaf itself, I thoroughly understand and love. I eat it plain, with mashed potatoes and gravy. Great. Now I’m hungry.

      • You will be thanking me for this later.

        Open-faced meatloaf sandwich: Toast two pieces of thick bread. (Garlic bread would work.) Add thick slices of meatloaf. Top with brown gravy and serve with a side of mashed potatoes. Grab knife and fork and dig in.

        Cold meatloaf sandwich: Layer medium-thick slices of leftover meatloaf between two pieces of fresh white bread. Add catsup, liberally. Serve with a cold beer. Enjoy!

      • Well, the first one sounds awesome. I’m down for that! But the second one… I dunno about cold meatloaf, in any form. And I can’t eat the ketchup. I really can’t.
        What if I warmed up the meatloaf, skipped the ketchup, but still promised to eat it with my bare hands? Do I still get a cold beer?

      • Hmmm … I don’t know. A cold meatloaf sandwich is the bomb. But maybe if you promise to use your hands and just warm it up a little.

      • I’ll take whatever concessions are applicable. I appreciate your willingness to work with me, here. I realize this is an important subject, and I would be greatly chagrined to commit any serious meatloaf faux pas.

  5. ummm Ketchup, and I use it on everything, however… in your defense, I have seen it spelled catsup I think that is old English maybe? I really don’t know… but I think it is a more umm upper-class way of spelling ketchup, or more refined… so there is that, you can tell her you are a classy Butch .. I dunno, I really don’t.. but it sounds good, at the very least it might get you a free smile from her!!

  6. We were on our third date. I was horrified, apalled, when she asked for mayo, not for her pork chop sandwich, but *for her fries*!?!? I thought the poor girl had been out East too long and picked up some hoity-toity affectation.

    I’m sorry to report that I’ve now succumbed. It’s really good. Especially garlic mayo.

    And to further disappoint you, I go with ketchup.

  7. Ketchup. Although when I was a youngster, I remember the bottle my parents bought said Catsup. I was about 3 or 4 and was convinced it said, Cat Soup. I wouldn’t touch the stuff. Ha! I love it now.

  8. I eat my fries plain with salt now, but when I did dip, it was in Ketchup. Heinz ketchup. Or doused with vinegar, but only on the boardwalk or at the local fair. Vinegar was a special occasion condiment. And I did once or twice dip McDonald’s fries in my chocolate shake. Not sure why. Gastronomical amnesia perhaps? I did have a friend who put whipped cream on hers.

    • I like vinegar, too. (W is probably wincing as I type the word vinegar.) And, like you, it’s reserved for the boardwalk and other special occasions. God, those boardwalk fries are so good. Now I want a bucket of Curly’s fries. With catsup.

  9. Ketchup, naturally. But I like to mix ketchup and mayo for my fries. Ha

  10. Heinz Ketchup, Ranch dressing or just plain with salt. Usually just eat them plain these days. My wife puts ketchup on everything and does not care how you spell it.

  11. I think the fries and tomato sauce (as it’s called in Australia) is an American, and to my surprise when I landed here, Canadian thing as well. (although a poutine can’t be beat)

    Ketchup/catsup? Heh, it took me long enough to figure out what ketchup was when I was a kid. Catsup was a nightmare. šŸ™‚

    Occasionally I’ll dip my fries into that tomato-y red stuff but mostly I prefer salt and maybe a sniff of vinegar, especially if there’s a bit of battered fish nearby. šŸ˜€

  12. Haha! I just think of splatfest. My daughter was on team mayo and I was on team Ketchup. I like both though. It’s Ketchup for fries and mayo for sandwiches in my opinion.

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  14. I like both. Together. At the same time. A symphony of condiment lusciousness. And…if a butch wears glitter, then glitter is butch. Peace.

  15. Before I read the other responses:
    1. ketchup
    2. mustard. If mustard is not available, then ketchup, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, vinegar, plain salt, or nothing. Never mayo.

  16. Lmao, I dip my fries in ketchup. My wife thinks it is weird too. She is a catsup person. šŸ˜€
    This blog post is like something right out of a convo in my jouse. We are cackling reading it.

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