Happy #butchappreciationday

images (1)I hope you have someone in your life who:

Likes to run her hands over your slick-as-velvet head after you get your hair cut real short.

Calls you “baby.”

Tells you she gets turned on when you wear that ball cap backward. You know the one.

Likes when your necktie matches her dress.

Rubs your back when you’ve pulled a muscle.

Thinks every flannel shirt you own makes your eyes shine.

Is okay with you wearing your “dressy” T-shirt to that event you’re going to.

Tells you you’re cute and you believe it, even though you’ve never felt cute a day in your life.

Is the yin to your yang.

Asks you what you’d like her to wear when you’re going out on a date.

Still flirts with you regardless of the fact that you’ve been together for more than a decade.

Traces your scars (the ones you can see and the ones you can’t) with her fingertips when you’re lying in bed at night.

Makes you feel like a rockstar, even though you don’t play any instruments.

Tells you your tattoos are sexy.

Appreciates the hell out of you. Not despite those things that make you you but because of them.


33 responses to “Happy #butchappreciationday

  1. You’ve found the love of your life. You deserve it, Rae.

  2. Gosh, this is gorgeous. Several of those points apply to my lover and me… thanks! ♥

  3. I long for what you have…

  4. Oh soooo good. Butch Appreciation at its finest.

  5. Happy Butch Appreciation Day to you too! And I need to say that to my lovely butch Tom ‘H’ when I see her next week; I definitely do all those things, so I’m feeling like a good Femme : )) Enjoy receiving the love you deserve xo

  6. Yep, yep. Butch Appreciation on point. One more for me: receiving compliments when my boxers match the T-shirt I’m wearing. lol!!

  7. just gorgeous! sharing this everywhere!

  8. Me again: my butch wants to know when is Femme Appreciation Day? Good question…

  9. If only….

  10. Happy B.A.D. to you too! 😀

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