Butch’s best day ever!

Guys, yesterday might have been my best day ever. It was like seeing a rainbow, getting the perfect haircut and winning free flannel for a year all in one day.

IMG_1137It started off with a delivery of boxer briefs that I had ordered from Groupon a few weeks ago and then promptly forgot.

I mean, who doesn’t like new underwear, especially when it’s delivered right to your house.

Then we went to a bowling fundraiser for my nephew, who has cystic fibrosis. There was bowling and all the pizza a butch could eat.

And just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better, I won a bucket of booze in a raffle.

IMG_1132The big price was a bottle of Jagermeister Spice. I’ve never tried the spice version, but this butch runs on Jager.

We headed for home, and then I ran out to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day at my local bookstore, which was hosting a release of a fiction anthology created by local authors. I bought a copy of the anthology that all of the authors so kindly signed and got to pick out a free book courtesy of the store.

When I got home, high from an evening of talking about books and smelling fresh ink on the page, I found another delivery waiting for me.

IMG_1138Two pair of new sneakers.

I’ve never owned a pair of Brooks before, but they seem super comfortable and good for walking.

And a butch can never have too many pairs of Chucks.

So, to recap.

One. New underwear.

Two. Booze.

Three. Books.

Four. Sneakers.

* * *

What four things would be included in your perfect day?


13 responses to “Butch’s best day ever!

  1. Uh, the ginormous beer basket I won at YOUR book launch, my church band, writer friends and a good, strong, bong hit. Yeah, ’bout sums it up for me! Good on you for your *best day ever!*

  2. That creates quite a picture. – For me, “my best day ever” would include 1) word that my Aunt Gloria regained her speech ability after losing it from a recent stroke 2) having my sisters mental and physical health concerns disappear permanently 3) a chef who would prepare three healthy delicious meals plus snacks for me 4) guarantee of a full 8 hours uninterrupted sleep: no tossing and turning, no husband snoring, no trips to go pee. – Thanks for the opportunity to dream.

  3. Boots, Books, milky way midnight minis, and anything from Amazon. 🙂

  4. A trip to the barber shop for a shearing.
    Four (or more) hours of uninterrupted sexy time with my butch.
    Swimming in fresh or salt water. Preferably 2 hours minimum.
    Maple syrup.

    • I love maple syrup, too. And a fresh haircut. Four hours? I bow to you. Not so much into swimming because of the whole suit thing, even though I am a Pisces.

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Ah yes. The swim suit thing. I wear a men’s rash guard swim shirt over a Nike athletic bra and men’s knee-length swim trunks. The water is pretty damned cold here, so most of the time, I wear a men’s shorty wetsuit (3 mm) over the Nike bra on top and nothin’ ‘t all on my nethers! Woo! Men’s wetsuits are way less clingy than women’s wetsuits.

        As for four+ hours, well, what can I say. *swaggers a little*

      • Go ahead and swagger. A lot. What’s a butch without some swagger?

  5. yup a good day, so glad for you. It’s the little things that make us happy

  6. A perfect day, in every way! 😀

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