No apologies

img_0962Tired of feeling unworthy

I ate an entire carton of blackberries

$3.99 a pop

In the middle of today

With no apologies

To you

Or anyone

Not even the President


I didn’t care that the fruit stained my fingertips purple

Marking me like a thief

As I plucked each piece from the plastic box and

Plopped it in my mouth

* * *

What are you unapologetic for today? 

7 responses to “No apologies

  1. Hey, that’s all good stuff like antioxidents, gallic acid, rutin, and ellagic acid, compounds that have antiviral and antibacterial properties. Besides, everyone is entitled to devouring a container of something every now and then. 😉 Today, I scarfed down (and am still scarfing) Milky Way Midnight Mini’s which are my current choice of crack and I don’t share. I also splurged on office supplies at Staples. I had $10 in rewards. In a way, I was forced to by more than what I had intended. And it’s Staples.

    • And there I was thinking I was scarfing down a whole container of pricey fruit without paying any attention to the nutrition I was getting. My kid loves those Milky Ways. I just picked up a couple of Hershey bars with almonds as those are my go to candy bars these days.

  2. I forgot to mention that your post is quite poetic. 🙂

  3. Last night actually … eating a whole bowl of cheesies, while watching Desert Hearts! 😀

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