March on

x5tli34r_400x400W and I are making plans to attend the Women’s March on Washington next Saturday.

On Friday, we are driving from Philadelphia to Baltimore and staying overnight.

We will be heading to D.C. early Saturday morning.

We are coordinating with friends and looking into parking and keeping an eye on the weather.

A few weeks ago when I mentioned the march to some friends, they told me to be careful. “There will be protesters,” someone cautioned in a heavy, serious voice. It was as if they were telling me about something I hadn’t considered like the Beltway getting backed up as early as 3:00.

It was at that moment that I realized that most people have not had to deal with a someone shouting into a megaphone and waiving a sign in their faces and telling them they are going to hell.

Note: If you are gay, this is something that happens to you on a regular basis when you gather with other gay people. Even in 2017.

“I’m a lesbian,” I said. “I’m used to it.”

* * *

Are you going to the Women’s March on Washington? Have you ever been to a march? Have you ever experienced protesters?


11 responses to “March on

  1. No one should ever have to get used to that kind of treatment. March on! Wish I could be there.

    • I’m hopeful that one day I’ll attend a pride event and there won’t be a single jackass with a megaphone telling me that I’m going to hell.

      I’ll be sure to report back about the march.

  2. I live in DC suburbs, but I keep going back and forth on protesting plans. A friend in Maryland said something along the lines of “that a-hole is not worth it,” and it made me think. Proud of you for your commitment though!

    • It’s not supposed to be a protest march … more a march for women’s rights. It’s hard to separate the two, especially with the march being held the day after the inauguration. Everything is so intertwined. Thinking about what to where. Maybe a T-shirt with a giant equal sign.

  3. Coming from Battle Creek Michigan to march on Washington. Glad you’ll be there too!! March On!!

  4. Been on my fair share of marches and experienced the violent ugly side of humanity … march a few steps for me, eh? 🙂

  5. Been on my fair share of marches and experienced the violent ugly side of humanity … march a few steps for me, eh? 🙂

    )Looks like my comment got lost … reposting …)

  6. I’ve marched in parades, but not protest marches. I am envious of your experience. Good for you.

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