Grumpy butch

A text message from yesterday:

W: Do you want to go to Rocky Horror on 11/18?

W: Talking to J about getting tickets.

Me: I feel like I will be grumpy and annoyed, but I will go if you really want me to go.

W: Well that sounds like fun.

Me: You are a lucky woman, W.

W: Oh so lucky.

long pause

Me: I’m sorry

W: No worries. I got a ticket for you. J told me to.


Me: That’s my grumpy face.


W: That’s my happy kiss face.

* * *

The moral of the story? Find a partner who is adept at handling your bullshit with a smile and a kiss.

12 responses to “Grumpy butch

  1. Oh, we’re like that. I can turn her frown upside down with a couple of well-written texts and emoticons, too. 🙂

  2. I got me one and I’m sooo lucky! 😀

  3. I forgot to mention…you two are so darn cute together!! 🙂

  4. That is definitely a “Love is…” story. 💖 You are both lucky.

  5. Lol 😂 so true though. It is important to find that person who loves you even at your worst if not it ain’t worth it.

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