Fortune keeper

images2The little white paper slips from fortune cookies are all over my side of the bedroom, scattered like confetti.

W and I will eat Chinese in bed on the weekend and watch a movie. We’ll read our fortunes to each other. I’ll usually toss my mine on my nightstand if it’s good.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Sometimes travel to new places leads to great transformations.

The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.

But then a breeze from an open window or the blast of air from a book being dropped nearby or the wind created by a rustling sheet will cause them to fly into the air like snowflakes.

I never throw them away. Except for the silly ones.

You like Chinese food.

Help. Trapped in cookie.

I’m superstitious. Even though I’ll tell you I’m not.

img_0677Sometimes I’ll bundle up those small white strips and clip them to the filing cabinet near my desk.

All of those wishes and good thoughts in one thin stack.

How can I not have good fortune if I hold onto them all?

* * *

What about you? Do you believe in fortune cookie fortunes? What are you superstitious about?


12 responses to “Fortune keeper

  1. I have a thing about the time 11:11. Whether a.m. or p.m. I pray for health when I see it. I don’t get on my knees, but I say the word out loud. I am superstitious when it comes to numbers of varying types. The lucky number 7, 666 and so on. I collect fortunes from cookies, as well. One year, G, and I printed out a bunch of them and placed them around the table for people to read on New Year’s Eve. It sort of set the tone for the year to come.

  2. “If you step on a crack, you break your mothers back.” It doesn’t happen all the time, but if I look down at the sidewalk while walking and that particular ditty comes to mind, darn if I don’t start high- stepping over the cracks (and my Mom’s been dead for 12 years!)

  3. I’m superstitious but in the way my dreams play out. I definitely believe that dreams are a getaway to a spiritual awakening. If the dreams are persistent and repetitive I usually pay attention. The ones I really take note are the ones that are being dreamt over and over through days,months sometimes years consecutively.

    • I believe in the power of dreams, too. It’s our subconscious thoughts rising to the surface. I used to have a really awesome dream interpretation book, but my cat puked on it. ☹️

      • Aweee sorry bout that but yeah dreams to me are something so important and we dream all the time but sadly can only remember certain ones.

  4. You never know with ‘superstitions’. One day the might just come true. 🙂

  5. I save my fortunes until they come true. 🙂

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