images[1]I attended a creative nonfiction conference this past weekend in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. W and one of the kids came with to enjoy my big, fancy hotel room.

I left the hotel room early in the morning while the two of them slept in. I popped in from time to time to use the bathroom or check in on them.

“You look so happy,” W said.

I couldn’t lie. And I couldn’t stop smiling. I was in my element. I was with a bunch of other people nerding out on using white space in an essay or the ethicality of composite characters in memoir. There was a entire panel discussion on truth in creative nonfiction.

We were all fangirl/fanboy when memoirist Mary Karr delivered the keynote Saturday evening.

Before we left for the conference, I was having second thoughts about attending.

“I’m not good with peoples,” I told W.

“You’ll be fine,” she said.

And I was. I had two of my writer group friends with me, which made things easier. I didn’t have to assume wallflower mode. Which is a good thing because none of the walls were flannel covered.

Plus, many writers are introverts, which meant we could all be awkward with one another without judgment. (Looks at floor.)

My writer tank has been filled.

And I’m still glowing from the weekend.

* *  *

What about you? What lights you up?

9 responses to “Happy

  1. Hey so glad you;re happy what makes me happy I think at the moment is Anime and Bettas. I hope to attend a IBC International Betta Congress convention this upcoming year 2017 and meet new people that love bettas and hopefully attend an Anime convention i understand the being scared to meet and interact with people I do too so glad you had fun question I want to start my own personal blog again for the umpteenth time how do I make it so people will actually read and comment I had one successful one back in 2013 but had to delete it due to someone reading it I didn’ty want them too

    • I know what Anime is but not Bettas. Hope you get to your conference. It’s easier to talk to people when you are all into the same thing.

      As for the blog, write about that thing that lights you up inside. End your posts with a question when you can to encourage comments. Write regularly. I aim for once a week. Be patient. It takes awhile to build a following. Read other blog posts and comment on them. And my number one blogging rule is to have fun. When it starts feeling like a job, you need to change it up. Good luck!

  2. Ok did the new blog and Bettas are Betta Fish Siamese Fighting Fish as they where known for a long time.


    I even posted a pic of me lol hope you like it too will be posting bout lots of stuff

  3. What lights me up? Oh so many things, but for now…other lit nerds and The Flannel Files.

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