Pride and butches and free stuff

images[2]Get out your rainbow T-shirts and your labrys necklaces. Your Birkenstocks, too. You know the drill. It’s June, which means Pride is here in all of its ROYGBIV glory.

And what’s Pride without your butches. It’s like french fries without catsup (I did, too, spell it that way), Melissa Etheridge without water — somebody bring her some, a lesbian couple without a cat or a Subaru.

What does being butch mean to you?

Leave your best answer in the comment section. I’ll mail out prizes for the top 3 answers. Y’all like free stuff, don’tcha?


You had me at socks.

You can win a copy of my book or a pair of these cool socks. Are you butch enough to wear them?


You don’t have to be a butch to play or to win. But if you are a butch, then you are always winning. Because you look good in a baseball cap.

Here’s a sample of what being butch means to me:

  • Always carrying the heavy stuff for her, even though she is more than capable of carrying it herself.
  • Listening to anything I want to in the car with the window down. Even Barry Manilow. That’s “Weekend in New England,” motherfucker.
  • Rocking a necktie when every other woman in the room is wearing a skirt or a dress.
  • Owning regular T-shirts and dress T-shirts, regular sneakers and dress sneakers, regular flannel and dress flannel.

Tag, you’re it.

18 responses to “Pride and butches and free stuff

  1. My idea of butch is driving to the store when I’m way too tired to buy her favorite ice cream. Almost, but not quite, like she’s pregnant. I come back all proud and happy. Just pray next time she doesn’t ask for pickles.

    • That is very butch. I almost always run out when W is hankering for ice cream or, more likely, water ice on a hot summer night. We butches always aim to please, and we’d do just about anything for her.

  2. I think the best part of being butch, for me, is breaking those rigid gender stereotypes and showing the boys that we don’t need them to do anything for us. Anything they can do, we can do too. And often times, better.

  3. Looking better than every single guy at my workplace on Necktie Tuesday.

    Getting treated like one of the regulars at my local barbershop.

    Being the person who everyone turns to first for help at work because Butches Get Shit Done.

    Knowing how to pack the Subaru quickly and without forgetting anything for any sort of trip anywhere. Butches prepare for contingencies.

    Owning all the tools. And building the barn to house them.

    Jumping right into that foursquare/kickball/dodgeball game when the little kids at the playground ask me to play, because they know I play fair and hard and am a shit ton of fun in a game.

    Being absolutely terrified but doing stuff anyway because, you know, butch.

  4. And, OMG yes, just two days ago, no lie, I was driving through town in my Subaru with the windows down playing “Weekend in New England” loud on the car stereo off my Spotify playlist, on my way to pick up cat food at the grocery.

  5. Being butch to me is maintaining a closet full of dress shirts, owning professional looking as well as fancy looking suit jackets, always holding the door, volunteering for labor intensive work even though im not strong, being better at basketball than the man next to me, and unapologetically sitting with my knees apart.

  6. Being part of the Femme Appreciation Society. 😀

  7. Being butch to me is making a kick-ass campfire just with paper, wood, and matches, while the dude in the campsite next door had to use lighter fluid. It’s drinking black coffee. It’s wearing what makes me feel good, regardless of what section of the store it came from. It’s knowing that I am who I am, and I love it.

  8. Butch is making fun of inappropriate femme footwear choices, but offering door-to-door service to accommodate those choices.

    Butch is preppy pink oxfords with shorts and Sperrys, listening to yacht rock.

    Butch is letting femme use the reciprocating saw and drive the tractor because she likes to.

    And sorry to be cliche, but… Butch is getting the spiders.

  9. Being butch means to me, breaking those gender stereotypes, wearing ‘guy’ clothes always paired with a cap of some sort. Or being confident enough to wear a suit for a miss pageant instead of a fancy formal like everyone else.

  10. One happy Femme reading all these hot comments by Butches :))) Thanks for making my day! Is that another Butch trait? Oh I think so… xxx

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