Pinterest, you just don’t get this butch

Me and W in bed last night:

Me: Jeez, Pinterest doesn’t know me at all. It keeps sending me links to boards I’m not interested in.

W: Like what?

Me: Haute couture. Landscape architecture. Hair braiding. Math.

W: (laughs) Pinterest can’t figure you out. It’s because you’re weird.

Me: I take great offense!

W: At what? That you like to look at weird things?

For the next 15 minutes, we pretend fight. And I pretend to not talk to W. But, channeling my 16-year-old self, make huffing noises in the background.

Me: Oh my God! Pinterest just sent me 15 lactation boosting recipes. 

W: (laughs) It’s probably because you like boobs so much.

Me: I like them, but I don’t want them. You know, I don’t have a Pinterest boobs board. 

W: You don’t?

Me: Not yet.



19 responses to “Pinterest, you just don’t get this butch

  1. Thanks for the laugh! I’m in Pinterest withdrawal right now. When I try to pin something my boards won’t come up, it expects me to create a new board each time. I am in Hell! I have contacted them. They don’t seem to care. But every time I see an haute couture or a new hair braid I need to pin, I start twitching. Good luck with the boob board 🙂

  2. Haha!! That was awesome!!

  3. I dunno anything about Pinterest, but if you can collect boobs…sounds very butch to me.

  4. I recently joined Pinterest because I am considering getting a new haircut. I’m not sure exactly what I want and googling “lesbian haircut” surprisingly gives me so many different types of hairstyles! So I’m happy that the internet isn’t stereotyping lesbians and disappointed because it makes it harder for me to figure out what I want. In order to look at one board I found via googling, I had to create a Pinterest account which required me to pick 3 boards to follow or something. A few weeks later I got an email from Pinterest with the subject “We found some Pygmy Goats and Power Tools Pins and boards for you!”…which sounds way out there but is actually pretty accurate!

    • Pygmy goats and power tools sounds much more interesting than math or haute couture. At least to me. I assumed Pinterest would be able to see the kinds of things I’m looking at and then make suggestions based on that. But I guess not. Hey, good luck with the haircut!

      • To be honest, I had to look up what haute couture WAS. I also thought that Pinterest made recommendations based off of things you looked at or pinned. (And, thanks!)

  5. I hope you don’t give up on Pinterest. It learns, at least sort of. It suggests pygmy goats and power tools to me all the time, but I have “farm” and “diy” boards set up and actively seek out both goats and tools. Sure, errant crossfitters invade my space from time to time, but it’s worth it.

  6. I don’t have Pinterest, but I have a Twitter account that shows me ridiculous ads on a fairly frequent basis, primarily for diapers and yogurt, which is why, when signing up for a new app and given the option, I will not check a gender box. When I have to choose, I routinely select ‘male,’ but only because I know, from past responses, I’ll then get ads for cars, financial websites, and sporting goods…obviously, things that no woman would be interested in, right?

  7. Hahahahaha! I prefer sporting goods over the alternatives…I did,however, purchase a pretty sweet set of laser tag gear, but those were for the dogs…

  8. O you made me laugh out loud! Seriously people were looking at me like a loon. I laugh because I can relate! I have pinboards but they do send you some crazy ass boards that they think you will like…and I’m like. I this boring that an app is trying to win me over by a new pin or a new board!

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