Cat of the Month

“Good man, Bodhi,” I say, petting him on the head. “You, sir, are changing the world one sock at a time.”

Give a big Flannel Files welcome to Bodhi, Cat of the Month.

For the better part of today, he carried this dirty gym sock up and down the stairs. Now, that’s dedication, folks.


Actually, it was a slow day. Here’s the haul he delivered to our bed a few weeks ago like some weird scene from the movie Carol. If Therese were, perhaps, a cat.


In the meantime, this cat posed for kitty porn.


And this cat napped in typical cat fashion.


Congratulations, Bodhi. You are a superhero! Whether you know it or not.

Remember that time when you got caught in a plastic bag and ran real fast all over the house like a maniac every time you moved and the bag rustled wore this cool handmade plastic cape?


You rocked then, and you rock now!


Bodhi: Cat of the Month

* * *

Who’s your pet of the month and why?



11 responses to “Cat of the Month

  1. My cat who is a genderqueer intersex dwarf. He is awesome all the time, no exceptions.

  2. My cat, Pyewacket, is my pet of the month every month. He is 16 and just lost his brother of 16 years in December. They were inseparable and now he is sad and lonely. He still travels from room to room meowing looking for his brother. When I’m home, he’s suction-cupped to my side. He’s my special bud!

    • That’s so sad. Bodhi is very bonded with his brother. The other cat? She’d toss them both out on the street if she could. If you ever want to get a new friend for Pyewacket, let me know. I volunteer for a cat rescue and can hook you up.

  3. Mine is my cat Vaseline! She hates everyone but me. She’s gorgeous and she knows it. She comforts my girls and I when we are sick. I just love her!! I wish I could post a pic on the comment.

  4. That last pic … “I will suck your soul into the darkness of my eyes!” 😀

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