Searching for the Indigo Girls

 W and I are seeing the Indigo Girls on Sunday in what is being billed as a special acoustic performance. I got her tickets for her birthday.

Today, I stopped by our local Best Buy to pick up the new Indigo Girls CD. Yes, we still buy CDs. We are old school like that. Word to your mother.

I couldn’t find the CD on the shelves, so I sought out a Best Buy employee to aid in the search. Before all was said and done, there were three boys in blue huddled around a computer screen and then the CD rack. One of them handed me a copy of “One Lost Day.”

So, how many Best Buy employees does it take to help a lesbian find the new Indigo Girls album? The answer is three.

18 responses to “Searching for the Indigo Girls

  1. I love them! Enjoy the concert.

  2. Closer To Fine is one of the most amazing songs ever written. And Amy breaks my heart on Blood and Fire. I’m pretty sure if I ever saw them live, I would cry.

    Have a fantastic time.

    • Well, I will NOT cry. (Great, now I’m going to cry.) Galileo is my all-time favorite. “How long ’til my soul gets it right?” I think we all ask that question. Me, on an almost daily basis. I also love the cover the day of Dire Straits’ “Romeo and Juliet.” That one gets me every time. Good hearing from you, Feve.

      • The Indigo Girls didn’t hit Australia until I was all growed up, but like you, ‘Galileo’ spoke to me in ways that blew me away.
        And now they’re right next door … another reason I moved to Canada. 🙂

      • Great minds and all. Hoping they play “Galileo.” I swear I was obsessed with that song for such a long time, playing it over and over. It came out when I did, so that might explain it.

  3. We are seeing them next month in SF for Lindsay’s bday 😉

  4. Good for you for persevering!

  5. Wow. That is so awesome.

    A long, long time ago, I moved to CT from Philly after I broke up with my first girlfriend. My kid sister was either between her junior and senior years or had just graduated high school. I was working in New Haven, and in the summer there were really good free concerts on the city green. I took my sister with me to one of the concerts, a fairly unknown duo called The Indigo Girls. We sat right up front on a blanket with a basket of food. And we were completely, utterly blown away.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

  6. LOVE Closer to Fine! I went to the Lilith Fair when I was 18 and got to see the Indigo Girls for the first time. 🙂

  7. Sheesh!!! … And they wonder why Amazon is our best friend!

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