Being butch and Barry Manilow

I had a 45-minute drive yesterday.  I was tired of listening to sports radio and NPR.  Even my 80s station didn’t appeal.

So, I popped open my four-CD collection of Barry Manilow’s greatest hits.  I belted out the lyrics to “I Write the Songs” and “Mandy” and “Weekend in New England.”

It felt like the unbutchest thing I’ve done in a long time.  Even though there was Lola “with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there.”

But I didn’t care.  It was just me and Barry in my Altima “singin’ to the world.”

And then I realized it was perhaps the butchest thing I’d done in awhile.

* * *

What about you?  What’s the unbutchest/butchest thing you’ve done lately?

30 responses to “Being butch and Barry Manilow

  1. I considered buying a pair of Simply Vera Vera Wang pumps.

    • Whatever makes you happy.

      • I love Barry Manilow though. I don’t feel very butch or femme though. I didn’t end up getting the shoes – too expensive. Plus I’m still trying to figure out what it means to be me – andro or something. I dunno. Let your Manilow Pride Flag fly!

      • That’s ok. You’ll figure it out in your own time. Just remember that it’s ok to be you. Whatever that means … boots, heels or something in between. Or boots on Monday, heels on Tuesday. Variety makes the world go round.

        Who doesn’t love Barry? I’m proud to be a Fanilow.

  2. Put up an inspirational message by my bed. Actually pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is pretty butch.

  3. Started a new relationship with someone who loves me and my butchness. This is a big deal.

  4. I’ve been playing Lego Jurassic Park on my PS4 and having a blast.

  5. Butch: Fixed the damned sump pump. Again. While I have pneumonia.

    Unbutch: Helped my mom (who has dementia) choose and get fitted for new bras at the lingerie department. Except maybe it’s a butch thing afterall.

    • It’s all butch. Good for you. You’re a good person to help your mom out like that. Bras are my kryptonite (at last one of them).

      Hope you’re feeling better. W was sick with pneumonia a few weeks ago. It’s a long recovery.

  6. I hope i don’t sound a little out of place here since i’m a guy, but OMG, Barry Manilow! My faves are ‘Somewhere In The Night’ and ‘Sandra’.
    Also, thank you, middleagebutch, for liking the poetry on my blog. It’s a great honor to me, since i identify as pansexual, and am trying to use my art as a way to advance the cause of LGBT literature. So it’s awesome to get a like from a blog like this one.

    • All are welcome, my friend. Some might think it’s uncool for a guy to be jamming to Manilow, but you know what I’m going to say. You and I … “We’ll just go on burning bright …” Thanks for reading and commenting and being butch enough to listen to whatever moves you.

      And keep on writing your poetry. It’s good stuff.

  7. First butchest: Clicking on this post. Second butchest: considering reblogging. Third butchest: wondering aloud where my greatest hits CD went. FYI: I think he sounds better now.

    • Ah, Dave, you’re right. Clicking on this blog is perhaps the butchest thing anyone can do. Ever.

      Go look for that CD. I see a Sunday Manilow dance party in your near future.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. You are now my new best friend.

  8. I moved a bunch of furniture and took a weeklong break from make-up (that last one was not by choice. I was sick as a dog…)

  9. Butchest and unbutchest thing – hung my little fluffy white owl ornament I won in our family Christmas games on my desklamp. 😀

  10. Right on! I loved Barry Manilow as a kid and know the songs you mentioned! I love how you sung them out loud! Thanks for your uplifting blog.

    My unbutch thing is painting my nails.

  11. The Little Butch That Could (TLBTC)

    I also own his four cd collection of hits. Cheers.

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