Baby, it’s cold in here

W has been home sick for the past two weeks.  And two days.  Not that I’m counting or anything.

She’s had pneumonia.  She’s been on steroids.

Her internal thermostat is out of whack.

It is 3o degrees outside.  W is wearing a camisole.  Our bedroom window is open.  The overhead fan is on.

She’s like this guy:

W tells me to put on more clothes.

“I can only get so naked,” she says.  “You can keep putting on more clothes.”

It is one of the few times in my life that the prospect of a naked woman does absolutely nothing for me.

I ask W if she wants me to look like this dude:


She suggests that I move into the spare room upstairs where it’ll be warmer.

I know she is kidding.  I know she can’t sleep without me.

But baby, it’s cold in here.

11 responses to “Baby, it’s cold in here

  1. I love ‘The Year Without a Santa Claus’. Classic.

  2. Here’s to a speedy recovery and normalization of temperatures. Take care.

  3. Poor you and W! I am the one that runs hot in our house and it’s true–you can only take so much off! I get your side, though. There’s only so much G can put on. We’re like this ALL the time. Ugh. Hope W is feeling better real soon and you can remove your scarf and gloves while inside!

  4. So sorry to hear everything is so unbalanced the. How W feels better soon.

  5. We have different thermostats too. Makes for some interesting conversations. 😀

  6. Good luck to you both…it’s gonna be a long winter!!

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