T-shirt drama

W and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary tomorrow.  You can read about our wedding here.

I will have a table at OutFest in Philly promoting my book.

I was going to surprise her and wear this T-shirt tomorrow.

I Love My Wife T-shirt

Best laid plans of mice and butches.  The T-shirt place never shipped it.  They are sending out a replacement tee, but I won’t have it for tomorrow.

What’s a butch to do when she doesn’t have a special T-shirt for a special occasion?  So, I made this T-shirt today.

Old School Butch T-shirt

I am crafty like that.  Not crazy about the red-gray combination, but I will keep the stencils and make a new shirt sometime.  I’m thinking white on black would look good.  Because every old school butch should have an Old School Butch tee.


11 responses to “T-shirt drama

  1. Really sweet post. Thx😄

  2. I bought a T-shirt today that says: Metaphors Be With You. 😀

  3. Happy first anniversary! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kris. We celebrated at OutFest, a big coming out celebration in Philadelphia, and wore matching I Love My Wife buttons. We had a nice dinner with friends at a Cuban restaurant.

      • Nice! Won’t your publishers consider marketing your book through takealot.com? I really want to get hold of a print copy and Amazon is not big on shipping to SA, to put it mildly. And I don’t have a credit card. 😦 And there are many lesbians in SA!

      • I’m not familiar with takealot.com. I’ll have to look into it. You can also purchase directly from my publisher through Storenvy or from me. You could send me money via check or PayPal, and I’d send you out a signed copy. If you’re interested, send me an e-mail and we can work something out.

      • I will get in touch, thanks!

  4. OSB’s rock!!!
    Happy Anniversary. 😀

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