On Wookies and books and other stuff

Guys, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

Chewbacca and me. Abducted by a Wookie in Target of all places.

Chewbacca and me. Abducted by a Wookie in Target of all places.

This explains why I haven’t posted in so long.  It’s a complicated Butch in Spaaaace tale.

While I was away, my book got a really great review on the lesbian website Autostraddle.  You can check it out here.  Perhaps the best compliment any butch writer can get: “A smart and eloquent memoir about becoming butch, Leaving Normal: Adventures in Gender will resonate if you have a proud copy of Stone Butch Blues on your shelf, or listen to “Ring of Keys” from the Fun Home musical on repeat.”  That’s pretty great company, folks.

Speaking of Fun Home, just 15 days until W and I become official Fun Homies!


I wanted to be this guy.

I just wrote a new memoir piece about my obsession with my brother’s Big Josh action figure.  Does anyone remember Big Jim and Big Josh?  Geez, Barbie was so lame in comparison.

If you like free stuff, I’m giving away two signed copies of my book on Goodreads.  You can enter here.  But don’t wait too long.  The giveaway ends Sept. 30.

That’s all the news for now.  What’s new with you?

8 responses to “On Wookies and books and other stuff

  1. I saw the review on autostraddle. I hope that it sells you some books!

  2. Congrats on the review and meeting Chewbacca. He’s my favorite! Also, I chuckled about your reference to Big Josh and Big Jim. I had a Big Jim complete with his Big Rig. They were the coolest of all the action figures. I loved his big muscles and wanted to grow up to look like him too. He and my Skipper doll had a little romance going when he wasn’t out saving Barbie and Ken who were always doing stupid things.

    • My brother had Big Josh and Big Jim and G.I. Joe. I had Barbie and Dusti, who played a lot of sports and was a closet lesbian. She had a great mullet.

      Speaking of Barbie doing stupid things, my story is about a rescue that took place one day after Barbie fell down our basement stairs. Big Josh drove by in his safari truck and rescued our damsel in distress using the working winch on the front of the truck and a jump rope. Such a vivid memory for me.

      I had a Ken doll, too. I usually just dressed him up in Barbie’s gowns and heels.

      P.S. Skipper was a babe.

      • What a cool memory of saving Barbie! I don’t have any concrete memories like that, just general vague stuff. I had G.I.Joe too, with hair and a beard. He was an ugly mug but had a lot of fun gear. Ken in Barbie’s clothes gave me quite a chuckle. And yep, Skipper was a cutie. She and Big Jim were about the same size so they looked good together. You may have inspired a blog post for me about my childhood. Thanks. The other really cool action figure I had was an Evil Kneivel with a wind up motorcycle that popped wheelies. Oh and a Joe Namath that could throw a football. I was a lucky kid.

      • Wow, you are lucky that your parents let you play with “boys” toys. I spent most of my youth stealing my brother’s stuff. My brother also have a 6 Million Dollar Man figure, and he was pretty cool. I need to post about childhood toys, too.

      • I am really lucky that my mom was so cool about letting me be a boy most of the time as a kid. I think the assumption was that I would outgrow it so she humored me. I didn’t know there was a 6 Million Dollar Man figure. I bet he was very cool too.

      • The old must-be-a-phase mindset. My parents bought me some “boy” toys. A chemistry set and woodburning kit, which they thought were intended for boys. But no drums or action figures.

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