RaccoonWhen I was a kid, my favorite animal was the raccoon.

I loved these little guys.

I collected ceramic raccoon figures.

I drew raccoons.

I painted raccoons.

They were mischievous rascals.  Cute and cuddly critters.  (I didn’t know about rabies back then.)

They wore furry black masks like they had something to hide.  Or were ready to knock over a liquor store.

I never made the connection until recently.  That I was the raccoon hiding behind my mask.

Raccoons don’t hold the same appeal for me these days.

Raccoon plaqueI found this little guy in a box of stuff that my mom had given to me.  He had been affixed to my bedroom door in my parents’ house for many years, guarding against ghosts and kidnappers and a little brother.

I think about getting rid of him but can’t seem to do so.

I look up raccoon totem and this is what I find:

Masks are one of the tools of transformation.
It helps us to change what we are into what we want to be.

Raccoons also teach you how to put asleep the part of you that is not needed
and awaken the aspect of yourself that is.

I will place my raccoon friend on my closet door as a reminder.  A reminder of change and growth, of new beginnings and being who I was always meant to be.


6 responses to “Masks

  1. Awesome. I found this really fascinating. “Masks are the tools of transformation. It helps us to change what we are into what we want to be. ” I shall quote that line for future reference. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Love the concept of the Raccoon Totem. I have been fascinated by masks ever since I can remember – Batman, Spiderman, Zorro… the mysterious and the valiant. I can become a clown and lose my shyness when I wear a mask. But my “mask” of femininity was nowhere near valiant, as my clan of trans men will also testify. It is only by throwing off the mask that you start to experience freedom. But before I start philosophizing (what a word!), I am going to take the lesson of the Raccoon forward with me to help me realize the person that I am. Thank you for this gold nugget. As my avatar indicates, the Wolf is my spirit animal – he has an “appetite for freedom” that I embrace. Take care.

    • I love superheroes, too. (As if you couldn’t tell from the cover of my book.). I never thought about the connection between masked superheroes with secret identities and those of us who have lived “masked” lives.

      I love totem animals — finding them and reading about them. Not sure what my totem animal is these days.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Glad you got a “nugget” out of this post. Be well, my friend.

  3. I just rewatched Guardians of the Galaxy the other night, and was struck by how someone paid attention to Rocket’s hands/paws. He had the same quick, almost distracted movements and those cyoot critters do.

    May the Spirit of Raccoon always guard your door. 🙂

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