When gender does not compute

Smoking laptopAt W’s family reunion, we sit inside an old firehouse at long tables covered with vinyl tablecloths. At the end of one of the tables, a woman with a laptop is trying to piece together the family tree.

This year, W and I are legally married. This year, my name can go on the tree.

W leaves me to sit with the lady with the laptop and give her my information.

She is gone a long time.

“Her software won’t let you be a girl,” she tells me when she returns.

“Story of my life,” I reply.

6 responses to “When gender does not compute

  1. Aw, happy and sad moment for you, eh? Who needs the laptop to do a family tree, anyway? Write it out!

  2. I’m trying to figure out what software that was, one would think, it would be a matter of typing out names and adding connectors.

  3. Just read about your book on Twitter; heading to amazon for the Kindle version. I love the tomboy definition as I too “embarrassed my mother” and as far as the family tree goes, I use (F) next to name in my old program and beautiful calligraphy on the wall chart. 🙂

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