The butch and the bathing suit

Beach in ConnecticutI have been packing for vacation.

Cargo shorts, T-shirts, dress T-shirts. Athletic socks, boxer briefs.

And then I went to grab my swimsuit from the tippy top shelf of my closet.  Gray swim trunks and a women’s razor back swim top.  Standard butch issue.

It only comes out once a year when we go on vacation or to the shore for a day or two.

“You know what I feel like when I wear this?” I asked W.


“A centaur.  Only half of me feels right.”

15 responses to “The butch and the bathing suit

  1. I feel your pain. We’re leaving for Florida tomorrow and I’m in the same boat. Enjoy your trip anyway.

  2. I almost spit soda all over my iPad when I read the last line of your post. Then I laughed my ass off! I soooo can relate! I settle for shorts and a black sports bra under a black sleeveless rash guard shirt. I’d feel too exposed in anything less.

    • At least I got a spit take from you. Never thought about a plain old black sports bra. I have a rash guard shirt, too. Usually wear a sleeveless tee. I opt for layers, which seems to be the opposite of what everyone else is doing.

  3. I thought this post was great. And I agree with YankeeDragon; your last line made me laugh my ass off. I wear a pair of board shorts with a sports bra and sleeveless rash guard.

  4. Haha! Great post. I feel like most lesbians struggle with swimsuits – they’re awkward and much too revealing. As a straight femme girl I once wore a bikini, but now the thought of it makes me cringe in horror. I’m thinking of trying some simple black shorts with a matching spots bra…

    • Thanks. Looks like I struck a nerve. If anyone ever invented the perfect lesbian swimsuit, they’d make a fortune. Until then, we’ll just piece our own together. Swimwear shouldn’t be so complicated.

  5. Great post! I laughed like hell. I just bought a pair of jammer shorts and a rashguard shirt. Since my top surgery I haven’t tried swimming yet…it’s been a damned year now! I cringe at the attempt I am going to have to make soon. No, swimwear should not be so complicated!!!

  6. Men’s black swim trunks or board shorts, Nike Dri-FIT Sports Bra in XL (big boobs after my butch pregnancy), men’s swim shirt/rash guard. So easy. So butch. So happy.

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