Femme Friday

Rainbow heartSo said the butch. And so it was.

Thank you for:

* Curves like a stainless steel rollercoaster track.

* Calling me “Baby.”

* Telling me I’m beautiful. And handsome.

* Singing “Ring of Keys” in the shower.

* Complimenting me on my necktie when we are out on a date.

* Allowing me to open the door for you, even though it’s the 21st century and you are a modern, self-sufficient woman.

* Letting me carry your bags, even though you could easily do so yourself.

* Escorting me to the ladies’ room when I feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

* Asking me what I’d like you to wear, even though you look divine in everything.

* Wearing all that silver jewelry that makes you sparkle like stardust.

* Buying another skirt with a long slit down the side.

* * *

Your turn.  When it comes to your girl (or boi), what are you thankful for?

20 responses to “Femme Friday

  1. Listening to me, My Love, and not judging when I am crazed over coming out.

  2. This is so sweet! I’m not in a relationship, but if I were to be, then one thing I would be grateful for is to be able to talk to me for long hours, about nothing in particular!

  3. Thank you for wearing the necktie I bought you when we go out. 🙂

  4. awww…this is sooooo sweet! you rock!

  5. Introducing me as, “My sweetie”.

    Eres lingerie.

  6. Sneaking in a small, quick kiss on my neck when she hugs me. That one makes me mush every time.

  7. Putting out my pj’s on the bed in winter, so that I can slip into them as soon as I get home from work.

  8. I really like this. I love when my lady dresses because she knows I will love what she is wearing. It amazes me that she would do that. So I know blessed you must feel

  9. Great list. Super idea in the first place.

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