Living the dream and sneakers

Guys, it’s been a crazy week.

Last Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality AND my book was released.  Coincidence?  Yeah, probably, but I’m still taking credit.

I had a big gay book launch party at a local coffee shop.  We raised a total of $300 for the local Gay-Straight Alliance and the public library, which can now purchase a small collection of LGBT books.

Playing off the superhero theme, we used BAM! POW! napkins and handed out caped bookmarks.

Bam!  Pow!

Everyone was a superhero that day.

I was dressed in my butch finery.

I rocked this bowtie and these suspenders at my book launch party.

I rocked this bowtie and these suspenders at my book launch party.

And I wore these AWEsome Wonder Woman chucks.

Wonder Woman chucks

Holy Hera!  How awesome are these shoes?

I wasn’t walking but flying.  It was like each foot was soaring in its own invisible jet.

I’m not sure if it was the sneakers or the thrill of seeing a lifetime dream come true.

16 responses to “Living the dream and sneakers

  1. Thought I saw a UFO…. now I know it was Wonder Butch! Congrats again with the book and snazzy getup! 😀

    • Thanks! Wonder Butch up, up and away! Someone needs to make a Wonder Butch comic. Wonder Butch would wear jeans, a tee and sensible shoes. Have power tool weapons. Wonder Butch’s Kryptonite would be glitter.

  2. Where on earth did you find those sneakers? So awesome… and congrats on your book launch.

    • On the Isle of Lesbos … Just kidding. Go to Search for Wonder Woman. There you shall find these high-top sneakers in all of their Wonder Woman glory. Order a pair. Angels sing when you open the box. And hey, they are on sale. Now you owe me one. Or two. Depending upon how much you like the sneakers.

      Or maybe you hate them and find them tacky and were like “Where on earth did you find those sneakers?” so that I can make sure to never, ever visit that place. Without tone and inflection, it’s hard to be certain.

      • I LOVE them, but not on me:) You might enjoy my poem “Butch,” which is kind of a reply to Ivan E. Coyote’s “Femme” poem, and also an homage to all the lovely bois I’ve known in my long long lesbo life. Each one thinks it’s about them;)

      • Ah, I get it. You’d like them on your favorite butch.

        And yes, I loved your poem. A great follow-up to the Ivan Coyote piece.

  3. Best. Shoes. EVAR! 😀

  4. WonderButch!!! Taaadaaa! 😀 … but really, in the interests of alliteration we ought’a have a ‘B’ word to go with the ‘Butch’.

    Bitchin’ Butch – maybe
    Bacchanal Butch – has possibilities
    Babbling Butch – not ever
    Blackadder Butch – Oooo, scary
    Banderelo Butch – too Antonio Banderas-y …then again he did get to make out with Salma Hayek … on with the list …

    Barbarian Butch – why yes, I am going through my dictionary. 😀
    Barracuda Butch – has a bit of a bite to it
    Battleaxe Butch – probably a pro-wrestler
    Bazooka Butch – going out with a bang …
    … that’s it for the Ba’s’

    I’m exhausted. Time for a good stiff cup of tea. 😀

  5. Love your bow tie and congrats on your book! And it’s a wonderful idea to donate to your local group!

  6. Just finished reading your book. Congrats on publishing & releasing it. But most of all, congratulations on your courage to share your story. There was a lot that resonated with me. There’s something very powerful and important in seeing pieces of your own life experience reflected in media of any kind. It’s as if the universe is saying: “See? I told you that you aren’t alone. Someone’s written a book about it and everything!”

    Well done, bro! 😎👍👊

    • Thanks so much for all your support. I really do appreciate you not only buying and reading the book but taking the time to drop me a few lines. I tried to write the book that I would have wanted to read when I was struggling with my sexuality and gender presentation. And, yeah, that whole alone thing. I’m not the only one, you’re not the only one. I know how powerful it can be to see your reflection in the pages of a book. So, thanks again for your butch-ly support! And if you have time to write up a small review on Amazon and/or Goodreads, I would be even more appreciative! Reviews are so important to new authors.

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