Doing butch stuff

Guys, I fixed my microwave oven.


Diagnosed the problem.  Ordered a new part.  Swapped out old part for new.

How butch is that?  I’m feeling like a badass butch.  Or, badass butch of the Realm of Small Appliances.  It’s somewhere near Middle Earth or Grayskull Castle.

But whatever.  And still.

It’s going to be a butch-tastic weekend!

* * *

What’s the butchest thing you’ve done recently?

18 responses to “Doing butch stuff

  1. We need a B.B.R.S.A. badge! 🙂 … impressed I am.

    … the butches thing I’ve done recently? … Mmmm … does going “Grrrr!” at our resident raccoon stealing strawberries off the plants this morning count?

  2. butchcountry67

    hmm never called it a Butch activity before, but I changed out the TPS (throttle position sensor) and installed a new battery in the aveo (car) this morning

  3. Sliced and diced onions so that wifey’s eyes do not burn.

  4. I loaned my dad the circular saw my brother gave me as a “thank you” for being his best “man” when he got married.

  5. It’s the week for Butch tasks! I replaced the screen door handle mechanism that I had to kick out last winter as I got frozen into the house!

  6. I’m not sure if it is butch or geek, but I cleaned up Donna’s computer (she is on Windows 7 and had a weird virus re-direct thing going on), updated all her programs, then backed all her stuff up again to a hard drive.
    I guess I assume anything a butch does for a femme falls into the butch category even if it doesn’t require any heavy lifting.

  7. Well, as I’m more of the professional/intellectual type butch, I’d say successfully negotiating a $17 million enterprise payments software agreement for a UK top-ten retailer, saving the deal from a loss to a competitor, was the butches thing I accomplished this week. Also, I picked out some slick frames and aviator lenses for sunglasses, so…Stylin’!

  8. The Little Butch That Could (TLBTC)

    I cleaned the kitchen. . , while drinking a cold craft beer. 🙂

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