A slice of butch life

imagesFX4BSP6BSo, I woke up this morning in a really great mood.  Perky , you could say.  Yes, you heard that right.  This butch was feeling perky this morning.

So much so that as I was skipping to the bathroom to brush my teeth, I tripped on the bottom of my flannel nightgown.  I know.  So said.  Butch down!  Butch down!  I cried because it hurt so much!  After 10-15 minutes of open weeping, I went about my morning grooming routine.

After I was perfectly coifed and dressed (Who’s the fairest of them all?), I made a nice cup of chamomile tea.  Drank it in my souvenir mug from the movie The Notebook.

And then it was off to my home office to do some work.  There was a Phillies spring training update on the local sports channel and some show on how drinking beer can actually boost your sex life and make you more attractive to the ladies, but luckily those shows didn’t interest me so I was able to focus on my work.

I know, I know … all work and no play makes butch a dull boy/girl.  I did take a short work break to watch an infomercial on a new line of skin care from France!

I’m waiting to hear from W about when she’s coming home.  It’s Friday, which means salad night for us!

* * *

Well, happy April 3rd to all of my Flannel Files followers.  Unfortunately, this post is two days too late.  Story of my life, folks.

See if you can spot all of the inconsistencies in the above post.  And remember to never take yourself too seriously.

11 responses to “A slice of butch life

  1. Haha! I would say there’s not much truth in there except that you brushed your teeth, went to work in your home office, saw the Phillies spring training update and are waiting for W to get home. I’m still wondering about the beer thing…

  2. Haha! Who’s the butchest of them all? 😉

    Open weeping is the new black. 😛

    I actually *can* picture you drinking from a souvenir mug. Just… Differently. Like a Phillies stein maybe. 🙂

    • You know it, Feve. I do have several mugs that I use. And yes, one is a Phillies mug. Just no chamomile. This butch likes her Earl Gray, with squirt of lemon and a teaspoon of honey.

  3. Flannel nightgown? Salad on Friday night? I don’t know you well enough to catch anything else but those two things jumped out at me. Maybe I’m wrong but it’s just a guess.

  4. Lol, fun game! Friday is typically pizza night for us too but a friend made us fajitas last night so maybe pizza tonight. I had a little flannel nightgown as a child that I loved but it’s the last one I ever owned too. Fun post, thanks.

    • Fajitas sound like good Friday night fare. Yeah, I made the switch from nightgowns to pajama pants and tops long ago. These days I wear fleece lounge pants to bed with a thermal shirt when it’s cold and a T-shirt when it’s warm. I have about 10 pairs of them in various patterns and colors.

  5. I believed every word! 😀

  6. Lol! To be honest, I was so flummoxed about the flannel nightgown that I kind of skimmed over the rest of the post not paying attention to the content. I was just planning to skim read then go back to the top and check Id read it properly haha.

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