Prepare for launch!

Rocket launch

Mark your calendars, folks.

I have an official launch date for my book.

Leaving Normal: Living in the Middle of Boy/Girl comes out June 26.  That’s three short months from today.

So exciting!  So scary!

W and I have just started planning the book launch party.  We’re looking for a local LGBT charity to donate a portion of the profits to.  We considered adopting a softball team, but it would probably involve way too much paperwork.

As far as the book goes, I’m picking out cover art now.  I have it narrowed down to three covers.  I need to make a decision soon but keep changing my mind.  I just got back first edits, which I’m going to comb through this weekend.

It all seems so surreal.  I was updating my blog a few weeks ago and got to cross off “write a book and have it published” from my bucket list.  Such an awesome feeling.  I pounded my chest like Tarzan and actually high-fived myself like a big giant butch dork.

I’m looking ahead to marketing.  Making lists.  Sending out e-mails.  Thinking about press releases, guest blog posts, etc.  Three months will go by really fast.

So, here’s where you come in.  I need your best promotion ideas.  You know me.  Lovable butch with a fondness for flannel.  You know about my book.  A heartwarming tale about a lovable butch with a fondness for flannel.

Pitch me your best book promotion ideas.  Think outside the box.  Because isn’t what this book is all about.  Living outside the box.  Those M/F boxes.  And every other box related to gender.  Get inspired.  Get crazy.  Get butch.

I’ll even make it worth your while.  Best idea wins a free bow tie.

Your pick ... posies or paisley.

Your pick … posies or paisley.

So, get to thinking.  Can’t wait to read what you come up with!

21 responses to “Prepare for launch!

  1. Yay!! Happy Dance!!! Excited to read it!
    You could make some flannel book covers for 1st few customers at book signings….
    Don’t forget to get yourself interviewed & book reviewed at!

    • Now there’s a thought. Flannel book covers. Might be tricky to do on a softcover book though.

      Thanks for the Autostraddle tip. Not a site I frequent, so I wouldn’t have thought about submitting there.

  2. It’d be awesome if the book cover was made of flannel. 😀

    Are you partnering with local indie book shops for signings and author talks? And will there be food? Cake is a must. Move over red velvet, here comes flannel fudge! (Or something.) 😉

    I once bought a book (Edmund White’s The Farewell Symphony) because I heard the author interviewed on a local radio station and decided he was fabulously human. 🙂

    I don’t know if you live near any colleges, but if you do, have you considered contacting their English department? When I was in school (a loooong time ago), I had the opportunity to meet and learn from quite a few local published authors because the department sponsored events like that.

    Not exactly promotion ideas, but food for thought nonetheless.

    • Thanks for the food for thought. Some good ideas to start with. My writers’ group meets at an indie bookstore, so I have an in there.

      Will have food at the launch party. Finger food. Pastries. Wine. There is a rainbow cake in the book, so maybe one of those.

      So much to think about! I feel like I need a whole marketing team. Where are my lesbians?!@*

  3. And it’s not directly book related but you should have tshirts with ‘Butch, it’s not just for breakfast anymore.”
    Take the Mrs. & a carload of books on a road trip to “Lesbianville USA ” (Northampton MA).
    Find out if you can do a video for youtube’s ‘outlatebutgreat’ channel.

    • I’ve been meaning to set up a Zazzle store with merchandise but just haven’t had the time. Thinking about that breakfast slogan on a coffee mug. How cool would that be?

      And yes, also considering a road trip visiting some lesbian-friendly areas.

      I need a manager.

  4. I’m EXCITED for you! **pom poms**

    LOVE the coffee mug with slogan idea!

    Also thought car magnets in the shape of a bow tie might be cool. We could start a trend!

    Cannot wait to read your book!!!!

  5. Congrats!! I’m looking forward to getting a copy. Do you think you’ll do a kindle version? I think you could sell it through Amazon but I’m not sure how that works exactly. Indie bookstore tour sounds like a great idea and a lot of fun for you two. I love the t shirt and coffee mug ideas and thought of another slogan for you as well. “Who’s your Butch?” Might look cool on a t shirt. Or “Got Butch?” I’d wear those. Sounds like you need a really good website with a little e-commerce side to it. Plus, seriously, I’d look into selling on Amazon too. Good luck.

    • Thanks. The publisher is taking care of the selling specifics. Books will be available directly from the publisher, Weasel Press, at You will also be able to purchase from Amazon. An e-book will be available. That’s one of the reasons I pushed to find a publisher. I didn’t want to have to figure out all of those things on my own.

      Yeah, I need to find a way to market some merchandise. Book-related merchandise and butch-related merchandise. If you’re familiar with The Bloggess Jenny Lawson, she has a whole merchandising empire. There just never seems to be enough time in the day. I need an assistant.

  6. HUZZAH!!! And so the adventure begins!! Everyone has excellent ideas. You could do a couple of them. 🙂 What about laminated bookmarks that have a small pic of book cover, catchy catch phrase, some author info, website to blog, etc. and a thingy at the top like a bow tie or flannel something or other or a flannel bow tie? I’m going to email you a picture of what I mean since I can’t post it here.

  7. Storm M. Silvermane

    Check out your local library as well. I know the ones here every once in a while feature local authors that will do a bit reading and then talk to people about the book or their process. Also, yes do interviews, lots of them. With anyone you can. I have discovered many authors from reading or listening to an interview. In fact, would you be willing to do one with me? Oh and one more idea. How about bookmarks? Flannel book marks! I bet they would stay in the book better than some of those others, I am always losing my book mark. Can’t wait to read the book! (also can’t wait to make the same post about my book)

  8. ** Doin’ da Snoopy Happy dance for you!** 😀

    Lesboi asked a good question … will it be an ebook as well? If so, there’s a gazillion things you can do, but one thing that immediately comes to mind for your launch is to have excerpts on el-cheapo flash drives as giveaways … maybe with a little extra content – related short story perhaps?.

    • Yes, it will be an e-book. Like that idea … although I’d have to check out how much cheapo flash drives cost. I have two chapters for the next book, so could include those as a teaser.

      Thanks for the happy dance celebrating the news.

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