Me and W in NYC

New York CityW and I are heading to the Big Apple tomorrow.

We have tickets to see Kinky Boots.  Because drag queens.  We’re planning on paying a visit to Stonewall and having dinner nearby.  Will be staying overnight at a hotel in Times Square.

Any recommendations?  What are your “must dos” when you’re in town?

14 responses to “Me and W in NYC

  1. Dinner recs near Stonewall: The Slaughtered Lamb or the Riveria. But overall, enjoy the trip!

  2. If memory serves me correctly, you are a baker/pie maker? If so you may want to go to NY Cake & Baking a supply store – 56 W 22St. (between 5&6).
    If you are an international condiment and bean/grain/spice person, you should head to Kalustyan’s 123 Lexington Ave. (28th St.). There is a good South Indian dosa restaurant called Saravanaa Bhavan (it is an international chain based out of Chennai India) at 81 Lexington Ave. (26th St.).
    In terms of eating near Stonewall, there is a great tea parlor (full tea of a la carte tea) called the Boise Tea Parlor on Morton St. They have great tea, scones, pastries, and itty bitty tea sandwiches – but very little attitude.

  3. If you’re a baker nyc has an amazing cupcake tour

  4. I enjoy walking through as many burbs as possible to people watch. Greenwich Village is the historically gay part of town, but pretty much every part is awesome

  5. Central Park and the CP Zoo, pasta carbonara at Amici II on Mulberry, a knish and/or a hotdog from a street vendor and cabs rather than busses or the subway because they offer reasonably priced transportation with all the fun of an adjustment park ride.

  6. Have a wonderful time! Tell me what you find. I haven’t been to NYC since I was 22 but I’m going back soon and I don’t know where to start.

    • Read the comments to this post. Lots of great suggestions.

      Highlights from our trip:

      — The Broadway musical Kinky Boots. So good! Would highly recommend.
      — Pizza at John’s in Times Square. More for tourists than the locals but a really great pie.
      — Stonewall. Go see where it all happened. Neat to sit with a drink and soak it all in.
      — Cupcakes at Molly’s on Bleecker St. in Greenwich Village. Gourmet cupcakes in too many flavored to list.
      — Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Diner food. The waiters and waitresses belt out show tunes as they serve you. Lots of fun. So talented. The burgers were solid. They even make egg creams table side.

      We stayed at the Edison Hotel in Times Square. Art Deco. Rooms were clean. Not too expensive. Had everything we needed. Great location. A little loud late at night.

      Enjoy your trip!

  7. What a fun city! You can’t go wrong with just exploring. I say go explore Central Park – it’s really pretty neat. Stage Deli is another great spot. If you ever get the chance to go between Thanksgiving and New Years make sure to go to Radio City Musical Hall’s Holiday show. Take in all the sites and enjoy. Safe travels.

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