The butch is back

HelpWe had a great Thanksgiving day.

And then I was getting ready for bed.  You know, putting on my flannel PJs.

“I think I’m getting sick,” I told W.

“Maybe you’re hung over,” she said.

I did drink a lot of red wine.  Various relatives kept telling me it was “sipping” wine.  Whatever that means.

Turns out it wasn’t a hangover.  It was a cold.

I cleared my schedule for the following week and stayed in bed watching wrestling videos.  Don’t judge.

W was great.  She bought groceries and brought me food and took care of things around the house.

Truth be told, I wasn’t that sick.  I felt like I needed some down time, and for once my schedule was cooperative.

“You usually don’t let me help you,” W commented the other night.

I don’t.  I’m a butch.  We can do everything ourselves.  We don’t need help.  Even when we’re sick.

Don’t tell the other butches … but it was kind of nice to be taken care of for a few days.

* * *

Are you a can-do butch?  Do you find it hard to ask for and accept help?

6 responses to “The butch is back

  1. Glad you’re feeling better. 🙂

  2. What Mrs F said. 🙂

    … that’s the thing with permanent motorcycle injuries, (yeah, I also fell off when the bike was moving, with a little help from a s**t driver in a big rig) you learn really early on to ask for help and graciously let someone help you.

    Had that infamous moment not happened, I think I would’ve struggled a bit more with letting others help. But perhaps that was because as a youngling, people weren’t to be trusted as a matter of course. Hindsight is blindsight, eh?

    This conversation is just between us butches though, right? I mean, we have a reputation to keep!

    • Yeah, it’s a trust thing. Especially when people you were supposed to be able to trust did very untrustworthy things. Ten plus years later and I am still struggling with trust.

      And yeah, just us butches. ‘Cause you know, we don’t need anybody.

  3. I do find as I get older than an over-indulgence in wine often leads to a cold. Unfair.
    I’ll find out next week, when I’m recovering, if I can ask for help. Meanwhile I made a big batch of soup, cleaned the house, and bought and put away a ton of groceries.
    Hope you got a lot written during NaNov.

    • Ah, yes, you will be in a situation in which you’ll need help. Best of luck to you with your surgery and recovery. You must be a butch — just like a good Boy Scout, always prepared.

      Wrote 41,000 words for NaNo. It’s probably the world’s worst novel, but I did learn a lot about myself as a writer by partaking in the experience.

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