Wedding tomorrow … gulp

WeddingThe wedding is tomorrow and this butch has a case of the nerves.

We have an outside venue, and it is supposed to rain, at least in the morning.  Looks like we are clear in the afternoon when our event will be taking place.  Phew.

It is supposed to be cooler than we had expected.  Right around 60 degrees.  I ran out this week and bought that old lesbian staple to wear over my white button-down and keep me warm — a navy blue knit vest.


This is where everything will be happening.

W picked this park/pavilion because it has a fireplace, so we will have a source of heat.  It was supposed to be for “atmosphere” but now it looks like it will be for “warming of people.”

We are organized and ready to go, which helps.  Everything we are bringing is boxed and labeled.

I keep worrying that I’ll forget how to tie my bowtie.  (I got it tied on last night’s practice run in under two minutes.)  Or that my custom Converse will get muddy.  Or that I will totally freeze when it is my turn to say my vows.  Did I mention that I hate speaking into microphones?  These are the things this butch worries about.

Ok, time to take a deep breath and get through today.  I need to make the ziti.  Press my shirt.  Get a haircut.  Finish writing my vows.  Pack a bag for the weekend.

What do you do in times of craziness and stress to calm yourself down?  Any suggestions for your favorite butch?

20 responses to “Wedding tomorrow … gulp

  1. Things that help me relax: deep breaths, meditation, medication (lol), listening to soothing music, bubble baths, massages. I think it’s normal to be nervous for your big day. I would be. Just try to let go of the idea of everything going perfectly and enjoy your wedding. And congrats!!

  2. If either of you are prone to upset stomachs when you’re nervous, maybe bring a thermos of mint tea? It’s very good at calming nerves and will warm you up, too!

  3. relax, take a deep breath and clear your mind, everything will go as planned on your wedding day, you will remember your vows, and you will be married before you know it 🙂 , keep thinking positive thoughts, no what ifs and such.

    You got this !!

  4. All of the above! 🙂 … maybe take a moment every now and then to tell yourself, “This is my life, and it f**king rocks!!!”

  5. Congratulations and may it all go wonderfully! It’s probably too late for relaxation tips but in case you are still awake, just lying still with your eyes closed can be as restful as sleep sometimes. I know, I work shifts and sometimes I don’t sleep a wink at all!

  6. Good luck. I will use my good weather mojo for you.

  7. Saturday – I know you probably won’t get to read this today, however … Happy Wedding Day!!!!!! … *doing the Snoopy Happy Dance for you both*

  8. Big congratulations to you and many sunny and rainy days of happiness!

  9. Congratulations and remember, anything that goes “wrong” only makes for the best stories years from now. In fact, there is no “wrong” at such a beautiful celebration.

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