Mail call for Middle-age Butch

They came today.

Shipping box

A box inside a box.

Converse box

There they were.  Nestled under a tissue paper blanket.

Converse wrapped in tissue paper

I slowly peeled back the paper.  A thousand tiny angels started to sing.  It was beautiful.  Like when the Indigo Girls hit that note in “Closer to Fine.”  But better because these were angels.

Converse sneakers

I almost wept.  But then remembered I’m a butch.

Brand new custom Converse

Custom Converse.  White with navy blue tongues, laces and stitching.  Paisley/skull pattern inset.  Black rubber racing stripes.  Silver eyelets.  Navy blue outer heel stripes.

Custom Converse

With the date of the wedding stitched on the back.

Custom Converse with wedding date




18 responses to “Mail call for Middle-age Butch

  1. I reeaaaallly want to say, “Those are so CUTE!” 😉

    But I won’t. ‘Cause… Totally not cute. Not. Cute. At. ALL.

    Better than cute. Like… Butch-tastically better than cute.

    Rock on with your stylin’ blue butchy shoes, you. 🙂

    {And I LOVE the date stamping. Nice touch, that.}

  2. Those are the most amazing wedding shoes I’ve ever seen. They’re just to awesome. Wow. I’m incredibly jealous.

  3. I will keep this in mind if I ever get married!

  4. Butches can, too, cry. So long as we have an appropriately sized handkerchief to pull out of out pants pocket.

  5. Oh they are fantastic! Customized chucks. Who knew?

  6. Well I had no idea you could do that. Those are the most awesome wedding shoes I’ve ever seen! You rock!

  7. Love them!!! How do you get them customized???

  8. Amazing! We did Converse for our wedding last November, too – but we didn’t spring for the custom order. These are way freakin better. Reminds me of the scene from Sandlot when Benny opens his new PF Flyers 🙂

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