Tying the knot

Keep CalmW and I are counting down the days. We are getting married one month from today.

We got our marriage license last week. Yay, P-A!

There’s a lot more to do. W has taken the lead on most of the preparation because it is a wedding and she is a girl.  Besides, she is the one with the vision.  Not some creepy-scary vision of werewolves or bloody fingerprints but a vision of vintage tablecloths and fresh-cut flowers in antique mason jars.

As for attire, she has to worry about a dress and undergarments, jewelry, nail polish, a shawl or around-the-shoulder wrap of some kind.

I am in charge of a few things. Purchasing a Polaroid camera and film for a mock photo booth.  Outfitting myself.

We are keeping it casual. I am planning on wearing a pair of jeans and a white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

I am usually a necktie guy. I love ties.

I am thinking about changing things up and wearing a bowtie for the wedding. See, I can be crazy and spontaneous (as long as the spontaneity is planned).

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has his “Tie the Knot” collection that he sells through the tie bar.  Each bowtie costs $25, and $20 from each purchase goes to organizations fighting for marriage equality.  Count me in.

Which bowtie should I buy?

My favorite color is red, so that’s my go-to color for accent pieces.

I’m thinking about going in a whole new direction.

Navy blue.

Crazy, I know.

The Delacorte caught my eye first. It’s a navy blue bowtie with floral accents in emerald green.

The Delacorte

The Delacorte

Or, I could go all Brokeback with the Jack & Ennis, a classic bandana pattern in navy.  I can yell out during the vows: I can’t quit you, W!  It would be real romantic and all.

The Jack & Ennis

The Jack & Ennis

I’m definitely thinking navy.  But, I also like this light blue one.


The Kushner

Take the poll, below, and tell me what you think.

That only leaves a few details.

1. Learning to tie a bowtie.

2. Buying a new pair of matching kicks.

Right now, I’m thinking:

Nike Blazer low

Nike Blazer low


Classic Checkered Vans

Classic Checkered Vans

Ah, butch fashion dilemmas.

Help me out!  Calling all butches and anyone else with an opinion.


21 responses to “Tying the knot

  1. Congratualtions!
    I still can’t believe that our conservative politicians caved so quick in Pennsylvania.
    The blue checkered Vans are it.

    • Thanks. Yes, it is hard to believe. It still seems surreal to me.

      Like the Vans, too. But I think I just found something better. Better than Vans? Yep. Wait ’til you see these babies. This is butch shoe porn at its finest.

  2. I know nothing of this stuff but I would match my tie with my bride’s colors.

  3. Buy both sneakers but wear the Vans to the ceremony. Then you can always slip into the Nikes for the reception. Don’t forget to get special socks.

  4. The last tie is my favorite, but I like the navy one too!

  5. I think the Jack & Ennis is the spunkiest & the Nike’s match it best. The checkered Vans would kinda need a plain bow tie to work. I mean I know they won’t be right beside each other unless you do some crazy moves on the dance floor…but I think the ‘set’ I’m voting on will look the most suave – well that’s if you wanna look suave? 😉

    • I am leaning toward the Jack & Ennis. The wedding will be held outdoors, so I find the bandana print apropos. And I agree that the Vans might be too busy.

      Yes, suave, dapper, that’s the look I’m going for.

  6. I’m thinking matching suspenders, but that’s just me. Let us know the time of the ceremony, I would like to drink a toast to you guys, never mind what time it is in South Africa – I’ll set the alarm and wake B and the pooch, so we can make merry to join in the celebrations!

  7. Congratulations! We did it in NM, and it’s tied up in courts here. Good for you and good luck picking out the perfect tie and skate shoes.

  8. can you post the whole combo – shirt and jeans? I know, I know – white goes with everything. However, sometimes depending on the style of the shirt, collar, buttons, and etc…a bow tie might not look as great as it could.

    • I started with the top — bow tie — and bottom — sneakers. I still have to fill in the middle with a button down and jeans. Now thinking about a striped shirt (white with navy stripes). Might be a little too crazy, I know.

  9. The Jack and Ennis … it’ll go with the rolled up sleeves.

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