Philosophizing about life, kittens and ice cream

I had been getting my writer’s mojo back.

And then my son broke his leg.

This is Bohdi and Sammy.

This is Bodhi and Sammy.

And we got a pair of kittens.

I learned a long time ago that things never go back to “normal.”  Normal is broken legs.  And kittens who are so gosh darn cute that you just want to stare at their tiny perfection and listen to their little furry motors all day long.  Deadlines be damned.

Normal is car accidents and insurance claims.  Jury duty.  Spilt milk.

I am 47 years old, and I’ve learned to roll with it as best I can.

We live in a tiny town that has an ice cream parlor.  The ice cream is handmade and is really, really good.

This year, they’ve started a new promotion.  They advertise a “flavor of the week” for $1 a scoop on a sandwich board in the parking lot.  A normal scoop costs about $3.50.  The “flavor of the week” lasts for as long as the ice cream does.  We have been stuck on S’mores for about two weeks now.  Which, surprisingly, is not that great.

Every day I go out, I drive by the ice cream shop to see if there is a new flavor listed on the sign.  This makes me happy.  I like small town life.  I like being in the know.  I like this tiny bit of excitement.

I like that the “flavor of the week” could last for a day or a week.

I text W the flavors while she is at work without any kind of explanation or background.

“Blueberry marshmallow.”

“Raspberry cheesecake.”

“Orange cream.”

She always texts the same thing back: “?”

Because she is in the middle of work, and I am randomly texting “Graham slam.”

I find her standard response comforting. Comfortable.

So, that’s me.  I like simple and same.  I like surprises, too.  But little ones.  Like a scoop of rainbow sherbet for a buck.

Not big ones like, hey, broken leg.

Although kittens are such a joy.


How could you not stare at this tiny face forever?

But whatever life scoops out, even a giant bowl of S’mores, I can handle it.

13 responses to “Philosophizing about life, kittens and ice cream

  1. you are right, there is nothing quite like small town living, we live in a village of 500 people, we have a bar and a general store, sure wish we had an ice cream store.

    The kitties are cute ! we too have cats, and a monster mutt, animals just seem to bring the best in people

    • An ice cream shop is a nice perk. And we have a really great pizza/Italian place. A great vet, too. I like having everything so close.

      Yep, I can’t imagine not having any pets. And kittens are the best.

  2. Must be broken leg season … love the kitteh pics 🙂

  3. I remember wanting to get out of our little town so desperately when I was younger. Living in cities whose populations reach well about 2 million has made me appreciate the slower, smaller communities.
    Maybe it’s all the places I’ve been or maybe it’s that as I’ve gotten older, I too appreciate having that one great diner, the local dentist that you bump into at the store and the park that is where everyone gathers on Sunday in the summer.
    Btw. Not a fan of s’mores anything so I doubt I’d appreciate the ice cream version.

  4. The new kitties are adorable. We were at that little ice cream store today, but we didn’t get the s’mores. I didn’t know it was only $1 a scoop.

  5. Your posts are caramel craziness. Thanks! 🙂

  6. I’m not sure what “graham slam” would entail, but it sounds awesome. We are slowly understanding that normal is not something that will be found in our house, and coming to terms with that is becoming a beautiful thing. Now we just need kittens! 🙂

    • Graham Slam ice cream is awesome. It’s graham cracker flavored ice cream with marshmallow, chocolate pieces and a graham cracker/caramel swirl. There is something about the texture of crushed graham crackers in smooth, cool ice cream that I found appealing.

      Kittens. Yes. I would recommend one or two. They are better than ice cream.

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