Summertime butch blues

I.  Hate.  Summer.

I’m not really sure if this is true or not.

But once school starts wrapping up with class trips and end of the year ceremonies, I start getting a funny feeling in my stomach.

At first, I’m certain that it’s food poisoning.  Or appendicitis.  Or consumption.

I've fainted and I can't get up.

I’ve fainted and I can’t get up.

I quickly write up a food diary, jump up and down on my right leg and then my left just to be sure, and read several Victorian novels in which fainting spells are prominently featured.

I eliminate food poisoning, appendicitis, consumption.

And then I realize that it’s June.

There are a few things that I like about summer: Farm stands.  BLTs made with the season’s first local tomatoes.  Ice cream cones.  Sno cones.  The All-Star Game.  The church carnival down the street.


This Grinch doesn’t dig the summer.

But what I detest, said the Grinch in her Grinchy-Grinch voice, is the fact that my schedule gets turned upside down.

For nine months out of twelve, everyone leaves in the morning and comes home later in the day.  But for those other three months, the young ones just stay.  They sit in their PJs.  They play on their games.  They want food for lunch.  They want to be entertained.

At least they are older and can fend for themselves.  But when you are rigid like this butch and thrive on routine, any little abnormality feels like it’s times three.

And don’t get me started about the beach and the pool.  They don’t make swim clothes for this old butch fool.

Girl suits are too girly.  And boy suits don’t cover up enough.

One day, I’ll deal with my body dysphoria but right now it all feels like too much.

* * *

What about you? Do you like summer? What are your favorite summer things?

17 responses to “Summertime butch blues

  1. Because I had the forethought to get the children out of the way and out of the nest (A.K.A. I am old), summer is now my favorite time of year. Main favorite summer things include sangria, barbecuing, wearing my favorite tee-shirts, kayaking, and the smell of summer rain. Can’t beat summer rain. But mainly sangria.

  2. I am with you – I do not like summer. Also for the same reason. I don’t like the disruption in my routine. As a school janitor, I do the exact same thing every day, and I am alone all day. In the summer, we have to do a bunch of weird different stuff, and we have to work together as a group, my co-workers and me. Also, my hours change drastically. I go from very late, off-hours (school year) to normal hours that normal people work (summer). This means I’m on the road with normal people. I’m at the bank with normal people. I’m at the grocery store with normal people, etc.

    Also, I don’t like the hot. I’ll take the dead of snowy winter over sticky humid blah days.

  3. butchcountry67

    we have a almost 13yr old, he’s pretty independant and keeps busy through the summer mowing lawns and doing other odd jobs, for me I love summer, gardening,canoeing (I live in Canada,we canoe)lol, fishing,backyard bonfires,star gazing and listening to the coyotes sing their lonesome songs at night, I get depressed during the winter (winters are 7 frickin months in this part of Canada), when it’s minus 50 it is hard to be outdoors for any length of time,

  4. I hate summer too, not as intensely now as when I went through menopause – drenched pj’s, rivulets of sweat – aaarrrrgggg! I thought I’d never be cold again in my life. But I made it through alive, still not liking summers. In winter you can cuddle under blankets, in summer, as you say, boys clothes don’t cover up enough. Aaarrrgg,again!

  5. Fave thing to do in summer? Endure, until Autumn.

    .. oh and, yes! to sangria, bah-humbug to normal people, and, I could get used to 7 months of winter. I live in the Lower Mainland of BC, it’s a rainforest, so, 7 months of rain, in a dry year!

  6. The Running Lesbian.

    I love a bit of Summer and when I say a bit, I am talking about the five days we get here! The only thing I truly despise about it is having to put my fringe back and revealing the ginormous space above my eyes that is my forehead.

  7. Ugh. The dreaded swimsuit dilemma! Isn’t there at least one butch designer in the world that can fix this issue for all of us that spend each summer in the typical black razor back, tank top and board shorts?? Or as I call it… The butch summer uniform.

    • It is an injustice. There has to be something better. I don’t think there are any butch designers (I’ve watched many seasons of Project Runway), so maybe that’s the problem. I wonder if there is a solution in duct tape.

  8. Femme Fairy Godmother

    I don’t like summer because I live in FL and it’s as hot as a sauna in hell here in the summer.

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