It’s in the mail


So crisp and clean and full of hope.

Big day today.  I’m sending out my first query letter in an attempt to secure an agent for my memoir.

It has me both excited and scared.

It was like watching the very end of Orange Is the New Black, Season 1.  Watch out Piper!

Excited because what if I end up getting published.

Scared because what if I end up getting published.

So, fingers crossed.  And toes.  And anything else that you might want to throw in there.

I couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you who validate me as a writer on a regular basis.  Your “likes,” comments and encouraging words mean a lot.

A special shout out to my blogging buddy Karelia Stetz-Waters who was kind enough to help me with my query letter.

And thanks to W for putting up with my neurotic writerly ways.  She must have heard my query letter at least a dozen times, and she told me how great it was after each and every reading.  That’s love, folks.

* * *

Tools of the trade


For the writer in you.

Some recent purchases to feed my writing habit:

1. An astronaut pen.  Because I had a Staples gift card.  And it fits nicely in my front pocket.  And you never know when you might find yourself at the Grotto on the grounds of the Playboy mansion and need to take some notes underwater.  Or hey, butch in spaaaace.

2. Moleskin notebooks.  If you’re a writer, treat yourself to one.  These are nice and thin and fit perfectly in my back pocket.

3. More mini pens.

4. Writers blocks.  These little things are the size of a matchbook with individual sticky notes inside.  Look cool without smoking a cigarette.  Look cool setting your brain on fire.  Chicks dig smart girls.

29 responses to “It’s in the mail

  1. Good luck!! Crossing just about every cross able body part I can!!

  2. I have collected many four leaf clovers over the years, I will send you few…you know, telepathically. Good luck!

  3. All-RIGHT! Excited (not scared) for you!

  4. Crossing fingers, toes, legs, ankles, and eyes. 🙂

  5. All digits crossed! 😀 … butches in space – bwhahahaha

  6. So excited for you! Job well done!

  7. Good luck!!

  8. Congratulations!

  9. “I don’t say ‘Good luck’, I say ‘Don’t give up’ ” – the Roots

  10. Good luck. I like the idea of the astronaut pen very much…

  11. You will be published, be sure of it and keep the faith.

    I love moleskin notebooks – I cant stop buying them – I just never have the time to write stuff in them!

    Luck is not a factor – quality of content will see you through.

  12. W00T!!! Good onya! Thinking positive thoughts for you. 🙂

  13. Love reading your blog, so relevant as 35 year old flannel pj and vest wearing just coming-out lesbian. I do a lot of “I totally agree” – baby showers gah but superhero pants awesome!!! When ur memoir comes out I will totally read it 🙂

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