A few of my favorite things

Your favorite butch blogger has been a bit down these past few weeks.  My last post ended on a high — me and W reconnecting on a weekend away — that I haven’t been able to recapture.  Maybe that’s part of the problem.  When the top of your head scrapes the bottom of the clouds for a few days, it’s a short, hard fall back to reality.

Plus, this weather isn’t helping things.  Has it ever been so damn cold in March?  And one of our cats died recently, and that’s been weighing heavy on my heart.  I’ve been struggling with my writing.  It took me weeks to write the shortest chapter of my work in progress.  Did I mention that my son is 14 and acting like a 14-year-old?

To cheer myself up, I thought I’d make a list of a few of my favorite things these days:



* My new Timex Weekender watch with the changeable straps.  So cool and retro looking.  I treated myself to one  for my birthday.  This butch likes to be fresh and color coordinated.  What do you think Dapper Butch?

* The French film, Blue Is the Warmest Color.  Because when else can you watch a lesbian movie with lots of sex and feel so cultured because it had subtitles?

* Apple TV.  I don’t really know how to use it, but I know that it will allow us to watch Orange Is the New Black.

* Coca-Cola.  Everything is better with Coke.


We would have such fun, me and you.

* Is anyone else obsessed with Girls?  HBO’s Girls.  Not those girls, you guys.  Ok, those girls, too.

* Lena Dunham, I want to be your best friend.

* Ivan Coyote, you inspire me.  I want to be you when I grow up.

* I  just discovered Lorrie Moore, a funny, brilliant writer.  I want to read everything she’s ever written, including Bark, her new collection of short stories.

* The brand new flannel sheets on the bed I share with W.  Bonus: They were $7.49 on clearance at Target.

* My writers’ group.  Weird that a motley group of off-kilter writers keeps me grounded.

* W.  Not anything she says or does.  But because she’s there, whether I’m in a good mood or bad, happy or sad.

* * *

What about you?  What makes you smile these days?



17 responses to “A few of my favorite things

  1. I like this. And I love the watch! I’ve been struggling to find happy things too. So much so that I joined that whole #100happydays challenge on twitter. It’s not as successful as I had hoped because I tend to repeat things a lot, but at least it’s truthful.

    As for your son being 14 and acting like a 14 year old – I don’t have kids, but the teenage-boy thing is not isolated. My little brother is 16 and acting like a 16 year old (he’s actually very sweet, but he’s causing my mother a lot of despair nonetheless). Hang in there. I’m sure it takes some time for teenage boys to get the hang of being who they are.

    • Hope you find at least a little bit of happiness every day. I remember what it was like being 14, so I try not to be too hard on him. But he sure knows how to push my buttons.

  2. I’d smile for a really long time if the rain stopped … sometime soon … now-ish.

  3. Sorry you’ve been blue lately, but what a creative way to cheer yourself up. And, hey, our “motley group” made the list!

  4. Writing has been fun for me lately, making me smile, although taking up way too much time from what else needs to be done. Ah well. A smile is a smile! Good to read you again! And I totally get the 14 year old thing…!

  5. Yeah, but I don’t do it for a living, so if it doesn’t come, no big deal. I imagine the pressure of writing a book can wear on you once in a while. Good luck with it!

    • I think my biggest problem is finding the time to write and then finding my muse during that stretch of time. With my “real” work and housework and parenting work, I don’t get a lot of free time to just write. Thanks for your well wishes. Hope to wrap up soon.

  6. The weather gives us English folks something to talk about as it in equal parts frustrating and delightful. However it isn’t affecting my happiness levels though, a little like you, I have been suffering from highs and lows recently which seem to sap my energy.

    Favourite things to keep me from being unhappy:
    #1 our dogs, 3 cocker spaniels and 1 golden retriever – all totally mad but they are always pleased to see us, and always make use smile (even when they get us up in the middle of the night!)
    #2 reading/books – I can always find something on my kindle to cheer me up whether its a sexy snippet from a book ive read 10 times already or a new book that makes me stay up late because I don’t want to put it down – reading is a true a gift.
    # 3 music – I can always find something to listen to that will make me smile- we went to an ABBA concert (well not the real ABBA but a very good take off band) last Saturday night and were surrounded by people of all ages singing their heads off and doing very silly things, everyone came out of there smiling – me included.
    # 4 walks along the beach in the early morning sunshine – with no one else but me and the wife and the dogs – heavenly
    # 5 my wife – she makes me smile and she knows when I need her to look after me just that little bit more than usual – It’s like a huge great safety blanket that I can land on and bounce back from life.

    Spring is right around that corner….

    • I agree with pets, books and music. Nothing makes me smile more than my cat. And a good book. My favorite tunes always cheer me up. Oh, and the wife, too. But no nearby beach for early morning strolls. My birds are coming out, so that makes me happy. Here’s to spring.

  7. RIght, pleasure. Spring. Sunshine. Renewal. Rubbing Gracie’s belly is my number one pleasure right now.
    I’m also looking forward to a poppy seed hamantaschen to celebrate Purim. On a sadder note, allow yourself to really grieve for your cat; I cried for weeks when I put my first dog to sleep, and was unconsolable.

    • Nothing like a furry belly that begs to be rubbed. I will blog about the cat at some point, but I’m just not ready yet. I know what I want to say but still get choked up thinking about the little guy.

  8. I love your list. I think I need a reminder list myself. I read a book recently that I LOVED – I haven’t had time to read in a long time. “Beyond the Pale,” by Elana Dykewomon. Has anyone else read it? I loved her writing style and as a first Generation Canadian with German Jewish roots, it was fascinating.

    • I’ll have to add that to my reading list. Nothing like a good book to put a smile on my face. What is it with Canadian lesbians? I just discovered Ivan Coyote not too long ago.

  9. Congratulations on all of your recent successes! You are impressive. I just found out one of my pieces is going to be anthologized as well. What if we’re going to be in the same one? That would be cool. So, I was wondering if I could tag you in “My Writing Process” blog tour. I’m going to post this week and then I invite three bloggers to post the following and so on. I love your blog and I would actually love to hear about your writing process, so there’s that. It’s not too difficult — just answering a few questions about your WIP and so forth. Let me know what you think! You can contact me through thesaltwatertwin.com if you want to send a message or I’ll check back here! Thanks for being so awesome.

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