Last call for flannel

FreeI can’t be the only one who likes flannel.  And free things.

Just a reminder that you still have time to enter The Flannel Files “You know you’re a butch when …” contest.

You know you’re a butch when you enter contests to win free flannel apparel.

Note: You don’t have to be a butch to enter.

Prize is a brand new flannel shirt.  Sweet.

See the previous post for some other examples.

So, come on, folks.  Let’s hear your best one-liners.  Just leave them in the comment section.

Your favorite flannel lovin’ butch blogger will announce the winner sometime Monday.  That gives you all weekend to dream about winning a brand new flannel shirt.

4 responses to “Last call for flannel

  1. i would love to enter because well duh its free and flannel but i just dont think i have it in me to use my girlfriends… examples to win 😛

  2. partlycloudypessimist

    You know you’re a butch when your closet consists of more sports jerseys than the local Modell’s store.

    You know you’re a butch when you only think in men’s sizes while shopping for clothing. 33/30 makes more sense than any women’s size 6 pants, anyway.

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