Free flannel!

ContestWhat’s that you say?  Free flannel?

Oh, Middle-age butch, don’t tease us like that.

Fear not, my flannel-lovin’ followers.  This is the real deal.  An honest to goodness contest that gives you a chance to win a fine flannel shirt.

I just hit 500 follows on The Flannel Files and thought I’d share some of the love that I’ve been receiving.

If free flannel makes you say “yes, please,” “more,” “pile it high and deep” or something like that, here’s what you need to do to do:

Comment on this post by answering the following statement:

You know you’re a butch when …

Here’s a few to get you started:

  • You know you’re a butch when you do all of your shopping in the young men’s department even though you are not young or a man.
  • You know you’re a butch when your instructions to the person who cuts your hair involves at least one number.  A number 4 on the sides.
  • You know you’re a butch when you have different kinds of flannel — everyday flannel, good flannel, weekend flannel.

So, get creative and give us your top response.  I’ll pick the best one.  W will help.

Flannel shirtsYou don’t have to be a butch to enter.  Everyone can use a little flannel in their lives.  Am I right?  Ain’t nothing hotter than a femme in flannel (and nothing else), but I might be a tad bit biased.  Or win a flannel shirt for your butch.  She’ll be forever grateful.  And you know what that means.

Winner will be notified by e-mail and details on size, etc. will be exchanged at that time.

May the flannel odds be forever in your favor.

15 responses to “Free flannel!

  1. Fun contest!

    You know you’re a butch when you get called “sir” more often than “ma’am”. And you kinda like it.

    You know you’re a butch when the only jewelry you own is a leather cuff.

    You know you’re a butch when your standard greeting to fellow butches is a nod.

    • Good ones. I like the nod comment because it is so very true. And yeah, we sorta like it when we get called “sir.” Good luck! You could be sporting a new flannel shirt this winter.

  2. You know you’re a butch when your most vibrant memories from childhood include every single time you got to interact one-on-one with your 3rd grade teacher / summer camp counselor / soccer coach, etc. Or, if all these role models happened to be male (highly unlikely), you just remember a strong desire to be in the other class / cabin / on the other team.

  3. You know you are butch when you know the Scottish clan name of all of your flannel shirts (and you are not Scottish). RIght now I am wearing Black Watch.

    You also know you are butch when you think of bra’s as sports equipment (and only shop for them at Sports Authority or on-line).

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  5. You know you’re butch when 90% of the shirts in your closet are pearl snap button cowboys shirts.

  6. -and, yes, I’d like to win that flannel – especially if it has pearl snap buttons on it. But, like my beer I’ll take it any way I can get it.

  7. you know you’re a butch when you and your girlfriend switch roles and dress like each other for Halloween and you’re substantially uncomfortable but kind of turned on. Check us out….

    (copy & paste link into browser)

    • That’s awesome! I can see how that would be uncomfortable and a bit of a turn on. Good for both of you for mixing it up. And good job upping the ante with a photographic submission.

  8. O.K. So here goes.

    You know that you are a butch when in your last 10 years on the job you have encountered only one other female in a similar job position. (this really pisses me off)

    You know that you are a butch when the clippers that you bought when you started clipping your own hair came with illustrated intructions on how to clip your horse, sheep, or cow.

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