Why I should write more, talk less

I went to a workshop on memoir writing today run by a nationally known memoir writer.

During the morning break, I went to the hotel lobby to grab a cup of coffee. The woman running the workshop was there and started a conversation with me.

Her: Sounds like you’ve done a lot of work.

Me: Yes.

This is where I should cut my losses. I am a terrible conversationalist. But I felt compelled to continue.

Me: I find that the more that I write, the quieter my inner critic becomes.

Her: Really? Well, that’s good to hear.

This is where I should grab my coffee and run, Forest, run. I’ve hit my limit. I’m 15 words into this conversation, and I need to stop. Nothing good can come from me continuing to open my mouth.

Me: Because I pretty much think that everything that I write is brilliant.

Whaaaaat? Where did that even come from? I certainly don’t think my writing is brilliant — amusing and thoughtful at times — but not brilliant. I think I meant it to come out in a sarcastic manner, but even I don’t know and I’m the one who said it.

I don’t hear her response. I’m too busy stumbling over the hurdles in my head left behind by my stupid, stupid words.

In the end, this is why I write.

2 responses to “Why I should write more, talk less

  1. LOL! She just didn’t get it. I think your sarcasm is a perfect use of words…spoken or written.

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