Why Bomb Girls bombed

Last night, I ended up watching Bomb Girls for the first time.  I was surfing the channels and found the Canadian TV drama on some offbeat channel called Reelz.  I knew the show had a lesbian storyline, so it had my attention from the get go.   I’m obvious like that.

If you don’t know anything about Bomb Girls, it’s about a group of women working in a munitions factory during World War II.

Meg in Bomb Girls

Meg in Bomb Girls

Sure, the show had me at “girls,” but there was one thing that made the show unwatchable for me — Meg Tilly, who looks a lot like her actress sister, Jennifer Tilly.

Every time I saw Meg on screen, I immediately thought about her sister Jennifer and her portrayal of Violet, the sexy Sapphic mobster mistress in Bound, my third favorite lesbian flick of all time.  I was like Pavlov’s dog.  If Pavlov’s dog was a lesbian.

Bound came out right around the time that I did, and I was instantly obsessed with the movie.  I can remember one of my co-workers asking me about my sudden fascination with Gina Gershon.

“What is it about Gina Gershon?” she asked, throwing up her hands to illustrate her inability to grasp my sudden fixation with the B-list actress.

Just saying Gina Gershon still gets me all hot and bothered.  Gina Gershon.

I’m not sure that I knew what was up with me and Gina Gershon.  But I knew that Bound, with its Gershon-on-Tilly action, had me thinking about a whole lot of things in a very different way.

I had gone to see Bound with my husband, who was repulsed by the movie.

“I thought the movie was supposed to be about lesbians,” he said.

He meant the kind of lesbians who wear tube tops and make out with each other and the cute pizza delivery boy in a hot tub.

But these were my kind of lesbians.  Real and gritty.  Hot and sexy.  With tattoos.  In the end, Gina Gershon’s character of Corky gets the girl.  There is no pizza boy.  They never even order a small pie.

My first tattoo is actually a labrys modeled after the one that Corky sports in Bound.  I told you — I was obsessed.

Gina and Jennifer in Bound

Gina and Jennifer in Bound

Ok, so back to Bomb Girls.  Meg Tilly looked old and sallow and haggard.  And, here’s the thing — every time she came on screen, I kept thinking about  Violet.  Why was she working in a factory?  And what was up with that do-rag?

Sometimes we want to stay in that magic bubble where we looked our best and had the whole world spread out before us.  Meg Tilly certainly had me feeling my own age — that whole coming out thing was over a decade ago — and missing that exciting time of self-discovery and all-consuming thoughts of naked women.  Corky and Violet had, in a way, made that possible.  They showed me that it was possible to get the girl in the end and live happily ever after.

4 responses to “Why Bomb Girls bombed

  1. Oh I LOVED that film! I nearly went when it was on at the movies, but I didn’t want to go with my (then) fiance. So a year or two later when I was coming out and I had the house to myself for a weekend, I hired the video and watched it one night by myself. I loved it. Oh my, Gina Gerson is sooooo f*****g sexy in it. Like wow.
    Fast forward 12 years to 2008. The (now) wife and I had been dating for a couple of weeks. I hired a gorgeous beach house for us in winter and we brought food and wine and went away for the weekend. I asked Toku (who grew up in the Caribbean) if she’d ever seen the film, and raved and raved about how great it was and that it was full of HOT sex..
    I guess I over-hyped it. The wife was thoroughly unimpressed.
    I assume my virginal lesbian 20 year old self was so enthused at the future options ahead of her that she thought every scene that Corky was in was a sex scene. The one that there was rather underwhelming through my, rather more experienced, 32 year old eyes.
    Although, I will admit, I still think the character Corky is the hottest ever. They just should have had more sex in it! Oh, and maybe Jenny Shimizu…

    • I hear ya. I have had that same experience with most of the movies that I watched during my coming out phase. At the time, they were hot and steamy. When I go back and re-watch them, there is usually one or two mild sex scenes. I guess it all has to do with your experiences at the time. It is disappointing. But yes, Gina Gershon still rocks. You had me at Jenny Shimizu.

  2. “Bound” was definitely hot…Still today, it comes up in my mind from time to time. Very sexy. And I agree–I loved that the outcome was in their favor!

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