A rainy day lesson from my cat

It’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Which is weird because my cat is right here next to me.  It’s probably because she’s lazy and not always up for outdoor adventures.

Anyway, Magic is curled up on a chair that I’ve positioned alongside  my work desk.  Every few minutes, I look over at her and smile.

Magic the Cat

I remember to be grateful for the little things in life:

  • I have a roof over my head that provides shelter from the rain, which is actually a big thing on rainy days like today.
  • I have food in my belly, even though I’m dieting.
  • I have a partner who wraps her arms around me at night and kisses me goodnight.
  • I have a furry companion to keep me company.

I am grateful that Magic allows me to care for her.  She sleeps on the Snuggie that I carefully fluff up for her.  She eats the food that I put out for and laps up the water.  She plays when I crinkle up a small piece of paper into a ball or fetch one of her cat toys.

She rewards me with sandpaper kisses and her company.  Sometimes she crawls up my chest, hooks her front paws over my shoulder and falls fast asleep.  Other times, like today, she is content to sleep near me.


I wonder if she realizes how lucky she is to have such luxuries like a soft Snuggie to curl up on, an endless supply of food, and shelter from the rain, especially on days like today.  After all, she is a shelter cat who spent her first few weeks on the city streets of Philadelphia.


And then I remember how lucky I am to have such a magic creature who reminds me of all of my blessings.

How a about you, Flannel readers?  What have you learned from your pet?

10 responses to “A rainy day lesson from my cat

  1. I am making a concerted effort to love cats. In high school, my girlfriend had one that would claw at my eyes when I took a nap. Your pictures are helping me remember they’re not all evil death machines. Some are quite adorable.

  2. Magic is a beauty indeed… cute! I’ve had cats and they were great… now have dogs and they are totally the boss of me… they have me wrapped around their little dew claws! LOL

  3. What have I learned from my pet(s)?

    The lessons are too numerous to list, but the two things that stand out immediately are as follows:

    Unbridled joy, especially when it makes sense to nobody but yourself, is a Good Thing. Revel in joy. Experience joy. BE Joy.

    And play. Day or night, sun or rain. Always, always PLAY.

  4. Magic is a lucky cat. I’m a cat gal, love them. I can watch them play for hours…lol.

  5. partlycloudypessimist

    My cats constantly remind me that even on the toughest, most stressful of days that a little nap goes a long way.

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