Going Primal

I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal.

Remember that recent post about making gradual, healthy lifestyle changes? Baby steps in big bad butch boots?

Blew that bitch out of the water.  Already.  And it’s only been three days.

I’d pretend to be embarrassed, but what’s the point?  That’s just me.

Slow and steady?  That’s for other  people.  And turtles.

I need a plan.  And a matching checklist.

The plan has to be sexy and new.  Something that I can commit to with every single fiber of my impulsive being.

I asked W which diet plan sounds better. 

  • Atkins. 
  • Clean Eating. 
  • Primal/Paleo. 
  • Weight Watchers. 
  • Dukan. 
  • South Beach. 
  • Low carb.

She said Clean Eating.

I told her that she was wrong.

It’s Primal.  Without a doubt.

Think cave women.  Tiger-striped loin cloths.  Hunting for your own food.  Living off the land.  Long, wild sexy hair.   Tossing your woman over your shoulder and heading back to the cave after sunset for something really primal.

I did Atkins about two years ago and lost a considerable amount of weight in a relatively short period of time.  W and I were having a commitment ceremony, so I wanted to look good in my pinstriped pants and vest.

I found that I could live without bread and pasta.  I also discovered that I had incredible amounts of energy when I stopped eating carbs and sugar.

Like energy to paint a small house or perhaps start my own cat farm.

But this time around I thought I’d go Primal.  It’s not as restrictive as Atkins (at least the early stages of Atkins).  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Primal or Paleo, plan participants eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.  Processed foods, grains, legumes and most dairy are no-nos. 

Quite frankly, I like the idea of going all Tarzan with my food choices.  Something about beating my chest and swinging from a vine appeals to me.  Maybe it’s the whole taking control of my life thing in a very forceful  way.

What can I say, I like a good gimmick.  Especially when its wearing a loin cloth.  And a bikini top.

Cave Woman

12 responses to “Going Primal

  1. Butch,
    out of my respect for you I will not say what I want.
    maybe it’s because being impulsive sounds pretty neat
    or something to do with mentioning a cat farm….
    I’m not quite sure.
    so instead goodluck.

    • I will take that as a vote of support.

      P.S. The cat farm would involve the raising of cats and not cats in overalls and straw hats farming the land. Although that could work, too. D’oh, there’s that impulsive gene again!

  2. Good luck! The first week or 2 can be a little difficult (withdrawals), but stick with it, you’ll feel amazing! Remember to eat lots!

    • Thanks. I remember getting the induction “flu” when I went on Atkins last time around. I felt terrible, but it only lasted 2-3 days. If I can grind out the first couple of days, I should be ok.

  3. From 1 butch to another… I also struggle with impulse control. I do a clean eating type of diet. But if I fall off or I mess up for just 1 day or even part of the day or even 2 days I return to the diet. It’s simple if you forgot to brush your teeth for 1 day 2 days or even 3 days you wouldn’t quit brushing your teeth forever never would you? So what if you are impulsive and eat a donut. No 1 is perfect. The hard part is going back with your head held high.

    • Thanks for that. I’m usually good if I adhere strictly to some kind of eating plan. If I stray — like say have 1 donut — I’l use that as an excuse to have another donut and than maybe a small bowl of ice cream and some chips. Because I’m already off plan so what the hell. It’s a slippery slope.

      I like your toothpaste analogy. True enough. No one ever just totally gives up on brushing because of missing a day.

  4. OK, I want to start a cat farm. If you do, I’m definitely coming to visit. I want to go see that lady in California – she has one. Good luck with your eating plan. I won’t send you any donuts. 🙂

  5. Good luck. Go with something that you think you can adapt to as a “forever” diet (yeah the concept sucks). Otherwise you will just yo-yo up and down. I’ve been on Weight Watchers which is very femme for me, but I can see it changing how I think about eating (portion size and fat), and I think it will result in a permanent or semi-permanent change in how I eat. The rate of weight loss is just slow as molasses (the low cal kind).

    • Yeah, I’ve done Weight Watchers before. I think it’s an effective, commonsense approach. However, none of the meeting times fit my schedule.

      I do like the idea of cutting out all the processed junk with the Primal/Paleo approach. And, I like the way that I feel when I eliminate carbs.

      Good luck to you!

  6. Paleo is awesome! I’m trying to get my husband to do it with me. So far not much luck 😉

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